Directory Submission Becomes the 20,000th Order

Directory Submission TrophySubmitINme reached 20,000 orders today and it is a 200 manual directory submission picking the spot. This is a very rare coincidence, as we have been concentrating on the effectiveness of the directory submission after the Google panda update lately. Now this aged but effective strategy has claimed a special spot in the history of SubmitINme for ages to come.

Recently, we did several case studies on the directory submission strategy which resulted in letting the world know about some of the real facts about SEO companies cheating the clients by making false promises. One example is the additional cost which most of the SEO companies charge for the Dmoz submissions alone. We were able to see that, these SEO firms kept the actual directory submission costs low and reaped almost triple the gains with just one Dmoz submission (which is just same as submitting to any other directory).

Though Dmoz submission was included with SubmitINme’s directory submission service from the very beginning, it was not emphasized till now. After our finding about the additional cost of Dmoz submissions with other SEO providers, our sales page now makes it clear that Dmoz listing comes along with the regular directory submissions and you need not pay anything extra.

Extra cost for the DMOZ submission is just one among many findings that we had made. This official news has it all about the reality of directory submissions.

“We started this year from the 10k mark and here we are with 20k orders and counting just in 8 months. There is no greater proof for the effectiveness of our SEO services, especially after the Google Panda update. SubmitINme made its debut online in 2002 with directory submission as a flagship service. Now the 20,000th order is a 200 manual directory submission which is being offered since 2002



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