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Auto pilot Digital Marketing

As the adage goes “When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals; adjust the action steps.” — Confucius, grandpa’s techniques will not help you much to boost your website traffic. What percent of people do you think read an article or blog up to the end? This is just because no one has enough time to sit back and read stories on their PC or laptop sitting in home or office. Then, what is the point in you still relying on submission sites? People look for sources that can provide them info on the fly.

Yes! Trends have changed. Anyone would love to read eBooks and other documents using their android tablets and PDAs on the move. So, what if you make your articles press releases, brochures or any other form of document available in these devices? And the answer is DOCUMENT SHARING!! You don’t have to qualm about content marketing anymore. What took hours earlier can be done in fraction of seconds now and you can achieve much better results than you did in the past.

More Traffic + More Consumers + Increased Revenue = Document Sharing

What you are about to hear more below is going to be feast to your ears!

  • Document sharing sites builds quality back links
  • Top position in search engine results
  • Get shared on social media – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Blogs
  • You can add your website as hyper link in the documents, thus boost your page rank

We do not to blindly recommend our service to anyone. Even before you opt for document marketing, check the whopping numbers that was revealed by NETFLIX on SlideShare! This is just one example!

  • Out of 9,110,168 total views for the company’s document, 2,169,669 views were from SlideShare
  • 6,028 people liked it and there were totally 41,439 downloads

You can turn in now!!

SIM Document Marketing Strategy

What kinds of document can I share?

Document sharing strategy has no boundaries. From PDF’s, word documents, eBook’s, catalogue, brochures, infographics, videos, e-documents like whitepapers, case studies to presentations, you can simply share any digital document that matters to you with your co-workers, customers, friends and followers whoever is your target audience!

In case of eBook, distribute the teaser copies to the document sharing sites and watch out the number of downloads snowballing!

Best Suited For?

Irrespective of size and type of business, document marketing is best suited for all industries!

Document Marketing at SIM…

What We Sow? What You Yield?
Make your profile 100% completed to maximize the visibility of your contents 20 Public profiles with a permanent link back to your website
Submit your business details while creating author profiles that acts as high quality NAP listing Live document links reported to you along with the complete login information of all the profiles created for you
Format your document as per document sharing site requirements to get maximum approval rate Don't have a document to publish? Contact us to create any type of document with unique content. We create eBooks, articles, press releases, case studies, infographics and much more...
Distribute your document to top 20 document sharing sites such as Scribd.com, SlideShare.net. DocStoc.com, Issuu.com & more!

If you didn’t understand all that we have explained above, we are sure you’ll definitely understand now “GOOGLE LOVES DOCUMENT SHARING SITES MORE”

People crave for info, feed them using the right platform!
“Share info, Drive Traffic, Rank top”

Want to market your ideas? Let the experts do it for you!