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If you wonder why you need a Page Speed Service, we wonder if you know why your website visitors leave your site. According to a recent survey, 80,000,000 online visitors leave a site due to its slow loading pages. Why would anyone browse a slow loading site? Now get your website’s speeds zooming over 90+ in just a week.

Pagespeed Service Check your website's Page Speed NOW!

Have you considered optimizing your page loading time or overall navigation speed of your website yet? If not, it is high time you did so. If your Page Speed Score is below 70, chances of retaining customers is a thin line between losing visitors and nearly losing visitors, not to mention negative impact in search engine algorithms.

With SIM Page Speed Service you get

  • Fixed price with no hidden costs.
  • Page Speed score of 90+ GUARANTEED!
  • 90+ or MONEY BACK
  • 25% Discount on Page Speed Service Rates for all Wordpress sites
  • 50% less than competitor rates

For all those who want to know before-hand the optimization factors that would be corrected on your website to improve your website's loading time and overall user experience, here is a brief synopsis of the generic page speed optimization factors.

  • Leveraging Browser Cache
  • Image Optimization
  • Minifying Java Script
  • Minifying CSS
  • Minifying HTML
  • Enabling Compression
  • Removing Query Strings from Static Resources
  • Combining Images to CSS Sprites
  • Serving resources from a consistent URL
  • Serving Scaled Images
  • Optimizing order of styles and scripts

… and much more as per the requirement.

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  • Optimize Website for a page speed score of 90+. Service includes optimizing web page for browser leverage, CSS & Script cleanup, Image optimization, Minify and others.
  • If you are not considering SEO benefits and yet want your website to load reasonably fast you can order for Basic Page Speed service for all sites
  • Speed up your wordpress site to load like light. Our optimized wordpress sites are take less than 0.4 seconds for reload. Our rates are less than 50% of the market rates for Page Speed services.

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