Social Blasting

Amplify your Organic Social Signals with Branded Content!

Did you know?
"Creative Posts on Social media will take only 300 to 400 milliseconds to catch the eye of users and convert them to potential customers"

What is Social Blasting?

Social Blasting is the future of Social Media now brought to reality with a mission to amplify yours and your client’s Social Signals. It’s an Organic Content Development Strategy where we develop high quality branded contents based on several types of research such as Keyword Research, Hashtag Research, Market Research, and much more to strengthen the Social Signals on the Search Engine Index Page (SERP).

Also, a strong influence on all top communities is given much importance to reach potential audience.

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Benefits of Social Blasting:

  • An effective inbound marketing approach to amplify Social Signals.
  • Keeps audience updated with information such as NEWS, trends, etc.
  • Helps to connect with more people and expand customer base.
  • Establishes trustworthy relationships and Builds brand royalty on Social Platforms.
  • Makes it easy to reach targeted audience and drive more traffic to websites.
  • Very high conversion rates at minimal investments of time and money.
  • Helps improving Market Intelligence and outsmart competitors.

How do we blast?

Load Ammo: (PLAN)

We plan and create interesting contents that go viral to catch the reader’s attention. We follow the best Content Marketing practices exclusively focusing on Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and which are the most highly active social media networks.

Set Point-blank Range: (PREPARE)

Engaging only on a single social media platform restricts your opportunity. Aiming at least on the most vivacious top 3 platforms helps any business to reach a massive audience. From our intelligence report through research, we prepare & identify potential users and target them thereby adding value to your money.

Blast Out: (PUBLISH)

Once we prepare, we strike hard on the target by publishing Branded Content directly on the users’ eye. Creative Contents (Text with Images) can impose severe impact on the Social Media users in just one “shot”. This way, we drive more engagement and conversion to businesses online.

Looking for Deliverables?

Are you an Out Source Partner? Or, are you an Individual Businessman? Well, these are the deliverables you get which can help you and your customers to understand better & feel happy about the value gained out of the money invested.

  1. Social Content Report: We create branded Content (Text with Image) and we give it to you for approval. In case if you have any suggestions or idea, we will execute it for you.
  2. Social Media Calendar: Once the Contents are approved, we prepare a Social Media Calendar which holds the day/time of the Contents to be published in a week/month.
  3. Social Analytics Report: After the mentioned tasks such as Social Media Audit, Content Development, Content Distribution, and Community Management tasks are done,

We have Dedicated Account Managers working individually on all the Social Media Projects and provide timely information when requested.

No matter how busy you are, no matter how bigger your clients are, well, we got you covered end-to-end. - Social Media Team,SIM
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