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    My experiences with Submitinme has exceeded my expectations. Like many online businesses, we received the dreaded unnatural links warning few months ago. We spent hours trying to identify and remove links only to be rejected by google. Few weeks ago i have contacted Elwinston, our dedicated project manager who helped us with few other projects in the past, he immediately sent me a work plan and as soon as i have approved it, the guys (thank you Amaranta) started working. They identify which links were possibly inorganic by manually checking each one, contacted webmasters, got tons of bad links removed and used the disavow tool for those that were not removed, They also wrote and submitted the reconsideration request for us. In the end, they got my penalty removed on the 3rd try. I found Submitinme team to be extremely thorough, professional and responsive to all queries at any stage in the project. I can’t recommend Submitinme enough. They did what I thought was all but impossible.