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Current Openings:

  • PHP Full Stack Developer
  • Python Full Stack Developer
  • Content Writers
  • Business Development
  • SEO On Page
  • Design
  • Developers
  • IT

PHP full stack Developers


  • Experience: 2+ years
  • Must have knowledge on Dot net, Laravel, Ajax, jquery and MySQL, HTML, Css
  • Added advantage if knows: APIs, and MVC Framework, AWS


  • 3 LPA – 5LPA + Revenue Sharing

Other benefits:

  • Work from home option
  • Flexible work hours and many more

Python full stack Developer


  • Experience: 2+ years
  • Must have knowledge on CV2,Github,MySQL,HTML, Css,SQL
  • Added advantage if knows: tensorflow,Flask, APIs, AI, AWS


  • 3 LPA – 5LPA + Revenue Sharing

Other benefits:

  • Work from home option
  • Flexible work hours and many more
  Apply (or) send resume to :career@submitinme.com

General Apply:

whitelake technology pvt ltd

Company Vision:

"We never sympathize your failure but in-turn show empathy on you, and help you find a solution out, to replicate and titivate your business and living. As your partner in business we assure you to be trustworthy, friendly and helpful around all corners, for all we need is YOU BENEFIT OUT OF US"

"WLTS works with a passion making its entrepreneurship skills reflect in all those jobs and contracts they close deal with. We value 'Client Service' and 'Innovation' as their key to success."

whitelake technology pvt ltd
  • Competitive salary: Our salary formula adjusts to your cost of living, experience and skill level.( salary + performance incentive + excess output incentive + Bonus.)
  • Work remotely: Live and work wherever you like!
  • Working smarter stipend: Get some extra cash for a smart and excess work.
  • Clear cut defined Career Path.
    And more.......... as below
  • Provident Fund – You get an accumulated amount plus interest on retirement, resignation or death
  • Gratuity – is for the loyal employees, who stick on to the company for more than 5 years. The amount of gratuity is calculated on the last drawn monthly salary. The formula to calculate gratuity is: (No. of years of service)*(Last drawn monthly Basic and DA)*15/26.
    Eg: If a person has worked for 30 years and his last drawn Basic and DA is 20,000/- you will get a gratuity of Rs.3,46,154/-
  • PF - ESI benefit is available to staff whose salary scale is less than 21,000/- INR. Every associate who is contributing towards ESIC is entitled to full Medical care for self and Dependent Family members.
  • Performance Bonus/Salary Hikes – For, employees who have completed one year of Employment with the company. Every employee is entitled to receive the fixed amount of Bonus but the receipt of variable bonus is purely subject to performance & skills.
  • Monthly Performance based Incentives for the best employees of the company
  • Maternity Leave/Paternity Leave/Leave for Wedding
  • Paid Holidays & other Leaves (11 casual leaves & 6 Sick Leaves) for a financial year
  • Company Laptop
  • Well-equipped pantry with snacks vending machine, Coffee/Tea Maker, Bread toaster
  • Company Provided Luncheon on working Saturdays
  • Outings
  • Fun Activities & much more await you…
Phone Interview
Schedule Interview
HR-Face to face Initial screening
Written interview
Technical Round/Manager Round
CEO Round
Result announcement
  • Bring a copy of your latest resume.
  • Research the Industry/Company
  • Predict the future/Anticipate the interviewer's concern
  • Prepare the common interview Questions
  • Take responsibility for the interview
  • Don't wait for interviewer's question
  • Be ready for Critical thinking Questions
  • Practice, Practice and Practice
  • Don't give up.

Business development:

Summary- Marketing managers are responsible for developing, implementing and executing strategic marketing plans for an entire organization (or lines of business and brands within an organization) in order to attract potential customers and retain existing ones.

What they do:
  • Relationship building;
  • Researching the market and related products;
  • Presenting the product or service favorably and in a structured professional way face-to-face.
  • Listening to customer requirements and presenting appropriately to make a sale;
  • Maintaining and developing relationships with existing customers in person and via telephone calls and emails;
  • Responding to incoming email and phone enquiries;
  • Acting as a contact between a company and its existing and potential markets;
  • Negotiating the terms of an agreement and closing sales;
  • Gathering market and customer information;
  • Representing the company at trade exhibitions, events and demonstrations;
  • Negotiating on price, costs, delivery and specifications with buyers and managers;
  • Advising on forthcoming product developments and discussing special promotions;
  • Creating detailed proposal documents
  • Recording sales and order information and sending copies to the sales office, or entering figures into a computer system;
  • Reviewing your own sales performance, aiming to meet or exceed targets;
  • Gaining a clear understanding of customers' businesses and requirements;
  • Making accurate, rapid cost calculations and providing customers with quotations;
  • Feeding future buying trends back to employers
  • Attending team meetings and sharing best practice with colleagues.
  • Consistent Achievement of targets, Efficient handling of additional responsibilities, Adding up of new clients, Client co-ordination
  • Market Updates, Team Handling, Additional Responsibilities, Adding up new clients, Client co-ordination
  • Perform other duties as the supervisor may, from time to time, deem necessary
  • Intimate understanding of traditional and emerging marketing channels
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to think creatively and innovatively
  • Budget-management skills and proficiency
  • Professional judgment and discretion that comes from years of experience in the field
  • Analytical skills to forecast and identify trends and challenges
  • Familiarity with the latest trends, technologies and methodologies in graphic design, web design, production, etc.
  • UG/PG/MBA Degree Qualification( Experience or skill certification course an added advantage)


Summary- PPC (pay-per-click) marketing is a form of online advertising PPC specialists are experts in internet advertising, responsible for planning and optimizing the effectiveness of online advertising campaigns creating and planning a variety of PPC campaigns across a range of digital channels. Overseeing existing campaigns and making recommendations on how to optimize them. Analyzing trends and making data-driven decisions.

What they Do?
  • Keyword Research, Ad creative and Landing Page concept
  • Goal Setup
  • Google AdWords Campaign Setup – Search Network (All Features), Display Network,
  • Facebook Campaign Setup – Local Awareness, Post Engagement, Page likes, Website Clicks,
  • Website conversion, video views, App installs, Offer claims, Event response
  • Bing Ads Campaign Setup
  • Campaign Management – Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads
  • Managing Multiple AdWords accounts
  • AdWords Auction and Bidding Strategies
  • Campaign Audit
  • Conversion Audit
  • implement Pay Per Click media strategies for clients;
  • Handle, review, and perform daily account responsibilities associated with Google AdWords, Yahoo, Bing and other search platforms for a variety of clients;
  • Maintain and monitor keyword bids, account daily and monthly budget caps, impression share, quality score and other important account metrics;
  • Handle the creation of large keyword lists;
  • Provide creative copy suggestions and graphical ad templates;
  • Handle display network placement lists on AdWords and through other contextual advertising platforms;
  • Provide recommendations and execute strategies for keyword opportunities, campaign structuring, targeting, display network, and other facets of paid search in accordance with client goals;
  • Direct and handle new paid search campaigns, ad groups, and accounts and aid in the creation of paid search marketing initiatives;
  • Direct, handle, and be able to generate weekly and monthly client reporting for all major metrics, goals tracking, revenue tracking, and other paid search initiatives;
  • Keep pace with search engine and PPC industry trends and developments;
  • Monitor and administer web analytics dashboards, reports and key reporting tools, and point out key areas of importance in accordance with client goals;
  • Monitor and evaluate search results and search performance across the major search channels;
  • Communication to team and management on project development, timelines, and results; and
  • Work closely with the other team members to meet client goals
  • Strong English speaking, Vocabulary and writing skills
  • Computer proficiency
  • Strong Analytical &Research skills
  • a good understanding of how PPC fits in to the wider area of digital marketing
  • knowledge of Microsoft Excel and data manipulation
  • a good level of mathematical ability
  • the ability to think creatively
  • excellent attention to detail
  • the ability to think strategically and develop innovative marketing strategies
  • creative writing skills
  • the ability to present information effectively to a range of audiences
  • strong relationship-building skills
  • experience using tools such as Google AdWords.( or a certification course on PPC tools or experience will be an added advantage)

SEO on-page & off page

Summary- The mission of an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Specialist is to maximize the volume of inbound organic traffic from search engines to a website. This is accomplished through a combination of on-page and off-page techniques, including link-building, social media strategy, viral marketing, metadata sculpting, site speed optimization, content strategy, information architecture, and more. Off page SEO refers to techniques you can use to improve the position of a web site in the search engine results page (SERPs). ... In general, off Page SEO has to do with promotion methods – beyond website design –for the purpose of ranking a website higher in the search results.

What they do:
  • Planning and managing SEO marketing campaigns: search of contents and keywords, guidance for content writers, link and social media outreach
  • Master and manage the Off-Page campaigns
  • Monitoring and improvement of common Off-Page metrics
  • Collaboration together with Editorial Team to make sure that only highest quality SEO-optimized content has been published
  • Awareness about various content marketing platforms of the Market Research Industry.
  • Perform keyword research to optimize existing content and uncover new opportunities
  • Provide SEO analysis and recommendations in coordination with elements and structure of websites and web pages
  • Provide recommendations and execute strategies for content development in coordination with SEO goals general and keyword specific
  • Proficiency in MS Excel, PowerPoint, and Word
  • website analysis using a variety of analytics tools including Google Analytics as well as internal reporting tool
  • Working with popular keyword tools (Google, Word Tracker, Keyword Discovery, etc.)
  • Strong English speaking, Vocabulary and writing skills
  • Computer proficiency
  • Knowledge in Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tool
  • Good Knowledge in Word press, Joomla, Magento and Other CMS to Implement META tags, Blog posting
  • Analytical &Research skills
  • Any Diploma / Degree Qualification

Design/Graphic designer:

Summary- Graphic designers work with other members of their marketing and creative departments to visually convey a particular message, idea or concept. They rely on their knowledge and proficiency with current graphic design programs to produce graphic art and visual materials for promotions, advertisements, websites, films, packaging and other mediums.

What they do:
  • Preparing website & design banners and graphics based on website theme
  • Design banners for sample websites
  • Coordinate with team members and share ideas and codes to build a project
  • Research for new web trends & ideas
  • Understand and execute client's requirement based on web design.
  • Creating designs using Photoshop, illustrator, coreldraw. Print design (Fyler design, brochure design etc.)
  • Fix Budget and time framing for graphics design
  • Adobe InDesign
  • CorelDraw
  • QuarkXPress
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Ability to work with programming scripts, including XML and HTML
  • Familiarity with production and rendering methods, including drawing, photography, interactive media ,Creative thinking skills


Summary- System admins are responsible for the daily management, upkeep and configuration of computer systems of an organization or business. This includes installing and managing desktop and laptop computers, servers, networks, IT security systems and other critical components of an organization's IT infrastructure.

What they do:
  • Install and configure software and hardware
  • Manage network servers and technology tools
  • Set up accounts and workstations
  • Monitor performance and maintain systems according to requirements
  • Troubleshoot issues and outages
  • Ensure security through access controls, backups and firewalls
  • Upgrade systems with new releases and models
  • Develop expertise to train staff on new technologies
  • Build an internal wiki with technical documentation, manuals and IT policies
  • Responsible for the maintenance, configuration, and reliable operation of computer systems, network servers, and virtualization
  • Install and upgrade computer components and software, manage virtual servers, and integrate automation processes
  • Troubleshoot hardware and software errors by running diagnostics, documenting problems and resolutions, prioritizing problems, and assessing impact of issues
  • Provide documentation and technical specifications to IT staff for planning and implementing new or upgrades of IT infrastructure
  • Perform or delegate regular backup operations and implement appropriate processes for data protection, disaster recovery, and failover procedures
  • Lead desktop and helpdesk support efforts, making sure all desktop applications, workstations, and related equipment problems are resolved in a timely manner with limited disruptions
  • Responsible for capacity, storage planning, and database performance
  • 0.5-2 years' experience in system administration
  • A degree in computer science/Information technology
  • Advanced knowledge of system vulnerabilities and security issues
  • Basic understanding of insurance goals and practices
  • Ability to respond to issues as fast as possible


Summary- A Software Developer is involved in all the process related to creating and designing new systems; from initial planning, to establishing parameters, designing, writing, coding, encrypting, and testing. Software Developers often use several programming languages, their job is often very complex and it involves advanced knowledge in computer science and mathematics. Their field is constantly evolving and new technologies and advancements are made every day, so they must be in a constant state of learning and self-improvement.

What they do:
  • Develop and test software to meet consumers' and clients' needs.
  • Develop upgrades for existing applications.
  • Monitor quality and performance of applications through testing and maintenance.
  • Analyze users' needs and then design, test, and develop software to meet those needs
  • Recommend software upgrades for customers' existing programs and systems
  • Design each piece of an application or system and plan how the pieces will work together
  • Create a variety of models and diagrams (such as flowcharts) that show programmers the software code needed for an application
  • Ensure that a program continues to function normally through software maintenance and testing
  • Document every aspect of an application or system as a reference for future maintenance and upgrades
  • Collaborate with other computer specialists to create optimum software
  • Work with developers to design algorithms and flowcharts
  • Produce clean, efficient code based on specifications
  • Integrate software components and third-party programs
  • Troubleshoot, debug and upgrade existing program.
  • Recommend and execute improvements
  • Create technical documentation for reference and reporting
  • Bachelor's degree in computer science or related degree.
  • Knowledge of the software development life-cycle.
  • The desire to work in fast-paced environment.
  • Ability to develop unit testing of code components or complete applications.
  • Creativity is always a plus.
  • Must be a full-stack developer and understand concepts of software engineering.
  • Experience working on a variety of software development projects.
  • Deep programming language knowledge.
  • Ability to learn new languages and technologies

Social Media:

Summary- Social Media Specialists are responsible for planning, implementing and monitoring the company's Social Media strategy in order to increase brand awareness, improve Marketing efforts and increase sales.

What they do:
  • Creation of content which meets our customer standards
  • Develop and deliver social media optimization (SMO).
  • Stay current with social media trends and best practices.
  • Research opportunities for new social marketing platforms and select adapt current process to fit client needs.
  • Review and approve content on a daily basis.
  • Creating and managing monthly promotions.
  • Build and execute social media strategy through competitive research, platform determination, benchmarking, messaging and audience identification
  • Generate, edit, publish and share daily content (original text, images, video or HTML) that builds meaningful connections and encourages community members to take action
  • Set up and optimize company pages within each platform to increase the visibility of company's social content
  • Moderate all user-generated content in line with the moderation policy for each community
  • Create editorial calendars and syndication schedules
  • Continuously improve by capturing and analyzing the appropriate social data/metrics, insights and best practices, and then acting on the information
  • Collaborate with other departments (customer relations, sales etc.) to manage reputation, identify key players and coordinate actions
  • Bachelor's degree any field/marketing related field
  • 0.5-2 years' experience with B2C social media marketing or content development
  • Should have knowledge with Microsoft Office (Excel, Outlook)
  • Should have knowledge with Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, Premier Pro) or equivalent digital media editing tools a plus

Content writing:

Summary- Content Writers produce relevant content for websites, blogs, articles, white papers, product descriptions, and social media platforms. They create content that is specifically crafted to capture the attention of a particular target audience.

What they do:
  • Conducting in-depth research on industry-related topics in order to develop original content.
  • Developing content for blogs, articles, product descriptions, social media, and the company website.
  • Assisting the marketing team in developing content for advertising campaigns.
  • Proofreading content for errors and inconsistencies.
  • Editing and polishing existing content to improve readability.
  • Conducting keyword research and using SEO best practices to increase traffic to the company website.
  • Creating compelling headlines and body copy that will capture the attention of the target audience.
  • Identifying customers' needs and recommending new content to address gaps in the company's current content.
  • Bachelor's degree in Communications, Marketing, English, Journalism, or related field.
  • Proven content writing or copywriting experience.
  • Working knowledge of content management systems.
  • Proficient in all Microsoft Office applications.
  • Excellent writing and editing skills.
  • The ability to work in a fast-paced environment.
  • The ability to handle multiple projects concurrently.
  • Effective communication skills.


Summary- Actively approach targeted business clients (telephone, email, social networks, events, etc.) Search for new client leads. Manage relationships with existing customers. Conduct market research (analyze competitors, efficiency of sales strategies, etc.

What they do:
  • Recognize and reach out to clients in businesses.
  • Pitch products and services.
  • Develop presentations.
  • Create and assess a business marketing strategy.
  • Develop competitive pricing strategies.
  • Follow through with customer and ensure satisfaction.
  • Oversee product development.
  • Create collateral to distribute during presentations.
  • Advise businesses on local, national, and international trends.
  • Develop sales quota targets.
  • Anticipate revenues.
  • Develop relationships with vendors.
  • Demonstrate company products and solutions.
  • Satisfy technical needs during sales cycle.
  • Articulate competitive positioning.
  • Offer free or reduced trial periods for products.
  • Record customer interactions in lead tracking and customer issue tracking systems.
  • Follow up with leads aggressively.
  • Solicit feedback on products and services
  • Strong English speaking, Vocabulary and writing skills
  • Computer proficiency
  • Analytical &Research skills
  • Any Diploma / Degree Qualification