Citation Building
for Local Business

Local business citation building service. NAP Audit, Fix and Citation building from Quality Niche and hyper local business directories..

Building high quality citations from relevant business directories is the key to rank for local searches. Relevancy to business and locality is the top priority while building citations. Building hundreds of citations with automated tools or cheap data entry labor will hurt search rankings sooner or later. It is important that the citations are consistent and from the right neighborhood.

Road Map of Citation Building

Preparing the Data with Right NAP:

Consistent NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) is a must across web properties. Our team compiles accurate data of the business to ensure consistent citations. We collect as much data as possible and create content if required for the citations. The citations will be the face of your business to a potential online client. We make sure that the citations are impressive and strive to complete the profiles to the max. Here are few important fields of the extensive list.

  • NAP (Name of Business, Address [No. Street, City, State, Zip], Phone Number)
  • GPS Co-ordinates
  • Business Email, Toll Free Number if any
  • About Company
  • Hours/Days of operation
  • Social Media Properties (G+, FB, Twitter, Youtube etc.)
  • Photos, Videos, Coupons, Promotions etc.

Citation Audit & Fix:

Collect all the existing citations and audit for NAP consistency. Our team will audit each and every citation and check for consistency for the below. If there are inconsistencies in the existing citations we will fix it by updating the citations or by contacting the webmasters to correct the data. The following details will be precisely checked for 100% consistency.

  • Name: Name of the Business
  • Address: Floor/Suite Number, Name of Building, Street Address, City, State/Region/County, Country
  • Phone Number: Country Code, Area Code, Format
  • Toll Free Number:
  • GPS Coordinates:
  • Business Email

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Build Hyper Local Citations:

Based on the location of business we will identify the best business portals, B2B portals, White Pages, Yellow Pages, Review Sites, Map Sites, GPS aggregators and reputed portals to build citations. The citations will be created in the order of

  1. City Based Portals
  2. State/Region/County Based Portals
  3. Country Based Portals

Build Industry Specific (NICHE) Citations:

Identify business portals based on the Industry Niche and create citations. Relevancy is an important factor and we make sure that the portals are highly relevant to the business.

Claim and Verify Citations:

We claim all the listings and verify the business profiles. A detailed report with the URL of all the listings along with account details will be provided to the business owners. The business owns all the citations and has 100% exclusive control over the profiles.

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Why should we hire SIM and how do you build high quality citations?

We at SIM have worked for thousands of sites in the past 12 years and have an extensive list of Citation sources based on locations, industry niches and we have good relations with popular local directories. We do additional research for every business to collect more relevant citation sources pertaining to the business for good results. We consider the following while selecting citation sources.

  • Popularity & Authority
  • Readily Indexed
  • Managed Listings
  • Industry Relevant
  • Local by Region
  • Domain Age
  • Strictly NO network sources or automated business directories

What are your rates per citation and how do you compare with others?

Yext is an automated platform and needless to compare the quality of an expert job with an automated software. The charge a whooping yearly fee of $499 an year and does not have a dedicated staff to manage the citations. You have to manage it by yourself. Whitespark charge around $14 to find and fix a citation while we charge $3 for that. Whitespark only offers a selected list of citation sources while we are not limited to a list. Below is the comparison of Yext, Whitespark & SIM.

Citation Details Yext White Spark SIM
Citation Mode Automatic Manual Manual
Number of Sources 40 N/A N/A
Rate $499/Year $5/Citation $3.5/Citation
FEE Recurring One Time One Time
New Citation $12.5 $5 $3.5
Fixing Citation $12.5 $14 $3.5 (No extra charge)
GPS/Aggregators Yes No Yes
Hyper local No Yes Yes
Direct Control No Yes Yes
Verification Support No Yes Yes
Schema for Web No No Yes - FREE
Locations US only US, UK, Aus & 6 other US, UK, Aus & 8 other

Do you have special rates for agencies?

Absolutely, our core business is from agencies that outsource our services. Based on the requirements we can offer you the best rates in the Industry.

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We seriously do respect your email privacy!