The latest Panda Update #22, affected 0.8% of the English Queries: Google says

Panda 22Google confirmed that it had rolled out a Panda Update around November 21, as a response to Barry Schwartz’s email enquiry regarding a possible update through the week. Barry had reported on November 19 about his speculations on a possible Panda update that might had done over the weekend, and that he had mailed Google seeking a confirmation. Google responded saying, “We make over 500 improvements to Google Search each year so we can surface high-quality information for our users.” The search big also clued him of a possible Panda refresh within the next 7-10 days. So the update has happened just two days after Barry had asked for a confirmation on Panda #22 update from Google. Google has also added that the impact will be meager, of approximately 0.8% English queries.

Most of them who have commented about Panda #22 have reported of improvements in their traffic; post this recent update, while some have seen a drop. Hope this update has not affected a lot of the websites round the globe and the impact should not be as severe as what we experienced with the Panda #20 that affected 2.4% of English Queries which in turn created a catastrophic stir in traffic over most websites. The last Google update that got confirmed in the month of November was Panda Update 21 which happened on November 5, affecting ~1.1% of English queries. This was also a serene one compared to the #20 update.

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Noted Reactions:

  • “@Barry there certainly was an "update" on November 16-17.. and we called it "UFO" as many heard about it but none can prove...”
  • “Our traffic improved 20%, that's two improvements in a row now but I have to say this was a much smaller improvement for my site than I expected.”
  • “I don't find any solid reason why so many updates one by one in a couple of months. The panda updated on 5th of Nov 2012 brought me great news. The latest update took my keywords down. So what should I understand now: They are just trying to fixing things but not really on right track and things going wrong that's why they need second update in couple of weeks? Because if my website was not enough compatible to Google Guidelines then it must not be ranked after being stuck with so many updates. Or they are just making trying to fix their own made problems that ruining the small business.”
  • “I thought it was more weather related the last few weeks than anything after finally seeing some improvements for the first time since being hit by Panda 1.0. Colder weather typically brings in more traffic as many focus their home improvement (my industry) activities indoors.”
  • “One of our clients saw image impression drop off of -25% on the 19th, query impressions remained the same. I believe if you are a content/photo heavy site, the changes to image search may be part of the issue.”
  • “If the Panda Update was on November 21, it seems to me that variations on December 1 and 2 would be related to something else rather Panda. Is there any reason to assume that Panda changes dragged on for 10 days?”
  • “Don’t care. I’ve set up Share this links on most of my pages and readers are sharing my content. My traffic is down, but my revenues are up! I have half the traffic I had before Panda, but most of the traffic I lost was worthless anyway; my ad click rate has doubled. I now focus on what I do best, which is my editing service, and ad revenue is merely a little extra to pay for the webhosting and part of my overhead. My focus is no longer on Google, but on encouraging existing clients to return and bring friends, and on social media. Google is going to be irrelevant soon. Its day has passed.”

Did you gain or lose out of the recent Panda Update #22? Or, did you ever notice a change in your traffic?

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