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Applicable for tweets and Google plus stream too

Facebook Wall Updates Facebook timeline for pages are already being used by many businesses out there and now, we are just 7 days ahead of this mandatory update. Facebook promotion is once again making its mark at the start of the year 2012. As a part of facebook promotion, porting daily wall updates is indispensable. Here are a few tips to write great wall posts to be published in your facebook business pages.

When you are writing wall posts for business pages, remember that the visitors to the page already know that the posts are from a business or service provider. This means people already know and  expect promotional content in terms of product launches, discounts, updates on services etc. So, now you can think about what to write. Everyone has the confusion whether to or not to write wall posts based on the website. Following are the information that you could use as wall updates, prioritized based on the order displayed:

A) Check for information that can be grabbed from your business website itself

#1: Discounts, coupon codes, contests, download, Competition, freebies and giveaways
Writing tip: Use “call to action” words such as Save, Avail huge, Don’t miss this offer, Hurry valid till, what are you waiting for, it’s absolutely free…

#2: Events, Product launches, service updates, new openings
Writing tip: Use attention grabbing words such as Revolutionary, Futuristic, Be the first to, Checkout the brand new, all new…

facebook-maintenance#3: If the business has blogs or news sections or any updated content sections, you can create teaser versions of those information and make wall posts with a link back to the original post
Writing tip: When creating such teaser versions, never include the whole information within the wall post. The wall post should stop at a point where the readers get interested to read the entire story. Typically, such teasers would end with a sentence “Know more about XXX [link to the entire post]”. Make sure the previous sentence to this is compelling.

#4: Any interesting media within the website (Videos, images, music, eBooks etc)
Writing tip: Write a catchy description about the media. Again, you should not detail all about the media. But just write a short intro about media and end the post as “Watch the video” depending on the media

#5: Any authentic news within the company that the public would love. Note that not every news within the company would be loved by the public. For example, if Submitinme hires a new content writer and you make a wall post out of it, nobody is going to care about it. You can write if the company is planning to expand with more solutions in the next quarter and stuff like that.
Writing tip: Use words just as “Just completed” if it is a milestone or “we are one step ahead” if it is a project expansion.

However, DO NOT makeup wall posts based on any of the above information unless the information is actually available within the business or website. If none of the above information is available with the you need to start looking for general information outside the client’s site, from third party sources.

B) Information from third party sources
The information grabbed outside your website should not be promotional but general information and tips.

Check and make sure that you are not using information from the competitor’s website. Even if you are using information from such competitive sites, never drop links to the source. Instead, contain the entire information within your wall post itself.

The following (but not restricted to) can be used from third party sources:

#1: News:  When you are grabbing information for the wall posts from third party sites, the first preference goes to news items. Watch out for tweets and other niche news portals related to the client’s website to grab the info.    
Writing tip: When writing news from third party sources it’s the best approach to present the entire news within your short wall post. You should avoid “read more” links as much as possible.

#2: Facts and Statistics: Use general non-promotional, informative statistics and facts related to the business. Googling “Client’s Business + Statistics” “Client’s Business + facts” would get you lots of info. If you find niche sites with lots of statistics, you can note it down so that it can be reused. For example, if you search for “social media statistics” you would get a website which can be used for businesses related to social media services
Writing tip: Use words such as “Did you know”, “what’s your opinion”, “what do you think” etc when writing facts and statistics

#3: Images and Videos: Third party, non-promotional media such as images and video. Write a short description about the media and then drop the link. Make sure that the video does not have competitor site information such as urls, addresses or contact numbers.

General writing tips:

  • Always use a mix of information from within your website and information from third party sources
  • Try asking questions and opinions wherever possible
  • Add humor touch wherever possible
  • The key to wall post writing is to get into the shoes of general public. Think as a reader of the post and identify if you would consider it as a valuable information
  • Wall post writing is not all about the keywords. So, do not stick to the keywords.
  • The public will not love if you just post something plainly such as “we moved the office here”, “Hey here is a new product” unless the brand or business you are writing for is not Coke or Ford. Add some detailed information to gain authority. Once the authority is gained, you can post plain information as well
These tips are applicable for writing great tweets and Google plus stream posts for your business as well. Writing tips are not limited to a certain factors, you are welcome to share your ideas in comments below.

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