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" if in doubt flatout "
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Tom Clancy

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Not a born Shakespeare! But I still write articles and blogs to share my ideas and thoughts on SEO and SMO. Being a part of SEO research team of SubmitINme, I keep my ears and eyes open, and the pen ready to grab, write and share trending topics in search engine optimization.

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Though I have graduated as a mechanical engineer, my interests were always inclined towards modern computing and internet technologies. This led me to hone my skills in computing technology & the internet from very early on in my life.. Getting an opportunity to widen my knowledge across various sectors of the internet and search engine optimization at SubmitINme, I have been updating my knowledge base regularly. Standing true to my belief, that “Sharing is caring”, I publish all my findings, experiences and ideas online in platforms such as blogs, Squidoo Lenses, social networks, article directories etc.

Most of my published content is based on SEO and social media marketing. I’d like to be the first to spread the word about any new trends or updates in the search engine and social media world, and regularly contribute to the SEO news section of SubmitINme as this is the best platform to share SEO and social media marketing news to the world.

Content authored by me is widely spread online as SEO articles, free ebooks, press releases, whitepapers, SEO blogs etc. I remain anonymous with certain published content by authoring it under the names such as Glenn Paul and Jack Sparrow

Writing is not my passion, but I love to write about search engine optimization and social media marketing as it is the best way to share ideas and news. After all, sharing is what I care!

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