Google Penalty Prevention

An ounce of prevention is always worth a pound of cure. Recovering from a penalty is a daunting and time consuming task and a lot of websites struggle to get back to their original rankings. So why should your site suffer a penalty in the first place? Constant monitoring of the website and its backlinks will ensure that the site will not be affected by future updates by Google. Google’s webspam team sends out about 500,000 manual action notifications every month. Your promotional strategy and website need to strictly follow the guidelines to avoid a penalty.

What we do to prevent a penalty?

  • Regular backlink audit to ensure that there are no crappy backlinks
  • Removing spammy links and disavowing them immediately
  • Monitoring Anchor text variations
  • Monitoring and moderating the comments on your site
  • Monitoring your outbound links
  • Constant monitoring of your site to ensure that your site is free from Malware
  • Fixing 404 errors if any
  • Fixing broken external links
  • Content quality and usability audit
  • Fixing crawl issues if any on weekly basis

We will do all the above in a weekly basis and make sure that your site look great in Google’s eyes. We’ll provide you monthly report on all the tasks performed. Why should you waste a lot of money in fixing the damage when you can prevent and protect.

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