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With Google’s regained focus on content, only a resourceful content on your website can help achieve higher rankings. Google had always emphasized on quality backlinks as a major factor of their algorithms but recently they announced ‘Content is the King’ and content is the deciding factor for rankings. Quality content now stands tall in the hundreds of changes this tech Giant makes in their ranking algorithms. The trend of ‘Content is King’ is expected to be the same in the upcoming years too. Businesses that tend to convey information in the form of survey, research reports, industry insights and statistics are more likely to face the often-changing algorithms and stay connected with their customers.

The more authentic content the website has, the larger is its opportunities to get ranked in search results. Also, more is the chances for the content to get shared through social networks adding to the visibility of the website. By getting existing customers and potential customers subscribed to those premium contents in the form of email newsletters, businesses can develop a favoring relationship with the valuable audience.

Our content creation service is all about creating and organizing a strong content management system for business websites which we offer in 2 ways – Monthly and Bi-Monthly. We create quality content in the form of blogs, news articles, quotographics and more, and get them posted in websites. If the current site doesn’t have a content management system, we’ll create and customize the content management system to match the website.


  • Quality content in the form of statistics, industry trends, industry news, etc
  • Posting content with related images and videos embedded in the right places
  • Establishing links to the appropriate sections of the website
  • Sharing with social media

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