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100% Manual Assessment to Help You evade Google Algorithmic Updates!

For any webmaster of a website, it is obligatory to abide with the rules and regulations rolled out by Google from time to time. Google released several algorithmic updates such as Google Pigeon, Google Hummingbird, Google Panda, etc., for websites to be more organic in their searches. So any website if deviated from the rules of Google will be penalized and in turn will be kicked out from SERP. We, the doyens of SIM help online businesses to assess their website for Google penalty to bring them back on track.

Why Google penalty assessment?

Have You Experienced A Steep Drop In Organic Traffic?
Is Your Site Compliant With The Latest Guidelines By Google?
Do You Suspect A Google Penalty?
Do You Need To Know The Reason For The Traffic Drop And Take Corrective Measures?

If you have experienced any of the circumstances aforementioned or is doubtful about it, then your website needs a Google penalty assessment before it’s too late.

The reasons for a drop in organic traffic cannot be attributed to a single factor. There may be multiple factors working individually or collectively resulting in the drop in organic traffic. A few reasons are;

  • Google pigeon penalty
  • Google penguin penalty
  • Google panda penalty
  • Google manual action
  • Seasonal holiday impacts
  • Crawl issues
  • Robots.txt
  • Malware
  • IP blocks, and a number of other on-page issues.

Identifying the problem is the first step in getting your traffic back. Recovery steps for Penguin penalty are completely different from the steps to recover from Panda and manual action. Each penalty differs in their severity and corrective measures. There are nearly 10 types of manual action and each varying in their severity and each has a different recovery route. A drop in traffic due to on-page technical issues is completely different from these penalties and hence precise identification of the issue is a must. Here’s where you need an expert to assess the website for any penalties.

Why SIM for Google Penalty Assessment?

Experts at SIM examine your organic traffic for the past two years focusing the rise and drop of traffic during the updates. Depending on the algorithmic impact, it will be handed over to the onsite or offsite experts to further investigate the website for a exhaustive analysis to identify possible issues and impacts. We provide you with a comprehensive report on the reasons for the traffic drop which you encountered. We analyze and detect for any algorithmic and manual penalties impacting your website. We lay roadmaps to recover your website from the penalty clasp and we derive step by step processes to gain back your lost traffic.

How we do?

  • Detailed link analysis including inorganic and unnatural link evaluation.
  • Analysis of anchor text.
  • Spam audit check for On Page Google guidelines and violations.
  • Evaluation of content quality, including checks for duplicate content.
  • Meticulous plagiarism checks.

P.S.: SIM stood still during every massive tide of algorithmic updates by Google, which yielded us in gaining extensive experience in handling websites penalized by Google.

Don’t let your website be in the dark for long. Let our experts bring it to the lights. Get your website assessment today!

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