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Why Online Video Marketing?

While making purchase decisions, it is obvious that the customers tend to learn more about the service providers by viewing their website, blogs, social networks, and videos. Particularly, Videos are the Latest Trend in the Digital Space and it is the most watched by users. Hence, the majority of consumers turn to Online Videos which is the starting point to their sales journey.

Now that you have created more videos for your business (B2C) or for your client's (B2B) to meet business objectives, it is important to know how to make those Videos get exposed to the massive online population in the most cost-effective way.

Video Marketing

People watch videos online every week


Senior Executives watch online business videos like never before


B2B Marketers use videos in Content Marketing as a New-age strategy


People prefer video with text & narration if given about a topic

Why SIM?

We are a dynamic force and we constantly adapt to the transforming Digital Market to meet the growing demands of our Customers. No matter if it is a B2B or B2C; we got exclusively tailored cost-effective packages like no other businesses in the industry.

We help customers End-to-End to meet business objectives at Low Investment but deliver High Returns with Result-driven Solutions to help them strongly compete with the raging competition in the world. We customize the Video Channels like no other company, given the Premium Brand Exposure and a gateway to massive Lead Acquisition.

Why Channel Customization?

Every business has a brand, an identity that exposes the powerful authority in the Digital Space to attract related customers. But if the Channels created even on the Top Influential Networks are not complete with valid data, the business loses the reputation and can be a turn off for customers.

We at SIM take this in mind and deliver profiles that are 100% Complete and Search Engine Optimized. Top Display Networks like YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc. are Optimized and integrated within your business website to leverage its full potentials.

How we do it?

We analyze the Video for best possible solutions

We write SEO-driven and User-generated personalized descriptions

We create & customize Profiles on Top Influential Display Networks

We publish the videos with effective optimization including Annotations

We advertise your Videos at low investment assured with high returns

We provide you comprehensive reports with Live Links & Analytics

Download Sample Video Profile Creation Report Download Sample Video Publication Report

Plans & Pricing

Top 20 Influential Display Networks Top 7 Social Media Networks Facebook Video Advertising
(Excluding Ad Spend)


  • Profile Creation & Customization
  • High-quality Cover Graphics
  • Keyword Research
  • SEO Rich & Personalized Descriptions
  • Call-to-Actions
  • Relevant Tagging
  • Video Optimization
  • Reporting with Live Links
  • Profile Creation & Customization
  • High-quality Cover Graphics
  • Keyword Research
  • Hashtag Research
  • SEO Rich & Personalized Descriptions
  • Call-to-Actions
  • Reporting with Live Links
  • Ad Account Setup
  • Demographics Targeting
  • Age Group Targeting
  • Interest-based Targeting
  • Video Optimization Tips
  • Analytics Reporting
  • End-to-End support
$58 $44 $20
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the actual benefit of publishing the Videos through SIM Team?

You will know the difference when we deliver the final reports. The way we customize the Channels, the strategy we apply to optimize the videos, and the futuristic ideas we propose to boost your business sets us apart.

Why is it you charge so cheap?

We are Experts in Digital Marketing and excelling for more than a decade. We know the trends and the industry standards through which we have set a well-defined pricing and a well-refined process. We do care about the success of our clients!

What kind of reports will I get?

We will provide you a detailed report with Live Links to the Published Videos (Organic) and if you have opted for Advertising, then you’ll be provided with an Analytics Report about the campaign performance. It will all be provided at the end of each campaign.

Is the Video Publication Manual or Automated?

The Video Publications we do are purely Manual and we strictly prohibit Automated Publications. In fact, it doesn’t exist in our dictionary!

What is the benefit of Advertising?

Advertising helps in reaching your targeted audience based on Location, Age, Gender, and much more. Publishing and Advertising on Top Display Networks will result in acquiring Potential Leads, triggering massive Sales, driving more Traffic, and much more in a short period of time.

Will there be massive conversions as you speak of?

Yes, there will be. Although through Organic Approach, the result depends on several factors such as the authority of the brand, profiles, etc. It is a long shot. But if you really want instant results, the best way is “Paid Approach” where you can witness massive conversions. So, yes, there will be massive conversions as we speak of.

Will I have complete access to the Accounts created?

Yes, you will have complete access to all the accounts created from our end. You will be provided with all the credentials to access it and change anything you wish. It is 100% yours.

Can I request changes in the created accounts if I wish to?

Yes, you can request for changes, if any. We’ll however be sending a report to you after account creation for your review before publishing the videos. Please note that the information used will be based on the data you provide in the Required Data Form (RDF).

How do we communicate with each other about the project?

Once the project is initiated you can communicate and share your views in the Project Dashboard where you will have direct access to the team members working on your project. There will be a Dedicated Manager to assist your needs.

Why not more Videos?

Not one or two videos can feed the information-hunger of people in the Digital Space. It takes more and more to meet the ever-changing demands. Videos such as how-to, breakthroughs, case studies, etc. can catch the attention of all people from across the globe, be it business or personal.

To produce such videos, that are of both High Quality & Cost Effective we are here for you to deliver it in a way more than you expect. If you are a B2B, we got everything covered; starting with Management to White label Reporting at special discounts up to 20%.

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