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eCommerce stores spring up dime a dozen every hour. 80% of the online stores run out of business in 6 months of launch. Lack of understanding of target customers, current trends, customer behaviour etc had lead to the closure of the stores. We at SIM with our expertise will analyze the business and provide custom eCommerce marketing solutions. Our eCommerce strategies are not limited to SEO but covers a range of areas where your customers will find you.

Major Components of eCommerce Package

eCommerce Store Optimization

Our eCommerce expert team will do a thorough audit on the store and provide SEO recommendations focused on your targeted customers. The store will be optimized for search engine guidelines following the industry standards. Below are some of the major SEO process involved in eCommerce SEO optimization.

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Page Speed Optimization

Page speed is not only a critical SEO factor but also plays a crucial role in increasing the conversion (sales). Statistics indicate that about 80,000,000 visitors abandon sites due to slow loading pages. Our team will optimize the store for fast loading and thus improving customer experience.

Structured Data

This is a very important aspect of an eCommerce store. We will implement the standard Schema(Agreed by Google, Yahoo & Bing) code over the entire site. Implementation of schema is indispensable for eCommerce websites as it brings more customers through higher click through rates.

structured data for ecommerce store

The structured data implemented pages will show up in the search results as above which obviously will have a very high click through ratio.

The Perfect Combination Of eCommerce SEO and Social Media Marketing Strategies

The specialty of our eCommerce marketing packages is the right blend of SEO and social media.

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