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Get Consistent NAP Listings At 400 Popular Media Outlets

What is a NAP Listing and why do I need that?

NAP stands an acronym of Name, Address and Phone Number. Although it may sound insignificant, it is a major factor when it comes to ranking, branding and leads for any website. Consistent NAP across related sites, media outlets not only helps increase the rankings but also boost the brand. Search engines consider a consistent NAP listing as important as a good backlink. In 2014, it is more important to have your NAP at the right places to improve visibility across search engines. While so many digital marketing techniques had been banned by Google in 2013, they have openly announced that it is good to have NAPs at as many related places. It is very important that the Name, Address and Phone Number should be rightly displayed in your website with appropriate schema.

See what MOZ has to say about the significance of NAP;

overall rank factors

NAP-PR – What Is It All About?

It is impossible to get a NAP listing from a popular media outlet without a newsworthy press release (news release). We have good relations with over 700 popular media outlets who are ready to publish significant news. Either you can provide us interesting, newsworthy content, which may be about;

  • New Launch
  • Awards/Accomplishments
  • Promotions & Discounts
  • Events & Tradeshows
  • Website Enhancements
  • Contests
  • Charity & Fund raising

You can provide us with a quality press release of about 350+ words with a catchy title and summary along with the NAP. Our senior editors will proofread and tweak the press release to suit the guidelines of our content partners. Alternatively, we can produce an expert PR for you at a very reasonable rate.

The next step will be to identify the right media outlets and send the PR and NAP individually. It may take a couple of days to publish the PR along with the NAP. 90% of the media outlets publish the PR and also provide a link back to your website, which is of course a strictly No-follow according to the guidelines of Google. You will get a detailed report on where your NAP listings are along with the published date, etc.

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  • Get 400 NAP listings from popular media outlets for your website along with published news URLs

See what Matt has to say about NAP;

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get the NAP listings?

If you're supplying the news release and if it is approved by our editorial, then you will get the listings within 7 working days. If we have to write the news release for you, it will take another 5 working days.

Can I suggest edits/updates if you are writing the news release for us?

Yes, the news release will be sent for your review and you may suggest updates and edits.

What kind of reports will I get?

You will get a detailed excel report on the media outlets where your news is published along with the NAP. See sample report

nap report

Will you help me to check if the NAP is properly implemented with the right schema at our site?

Yes, we will do that on request and if needed will implement the appropriate schema on your website.

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