Gifographics: Making Infographics Come Alive Gifographics: Making Infographics Come Alive

Animating Digital Businesses & Delivering Impactive Results!

Prelude to Gifographics:

Not so long back we used pictures to illustrate conceptual information about a particular subject. No matter if it is plumbing or carpeting or just about anything, Infographics helped visitors understand the concepts better than through any other aids. Though the internet is flooded with loads of complex Infographic images, they still drive a good number of social shares and traffic to websites with snooping figures in thousands. However, looking at the present, best Infographics design with only high-quality data and appeal can develop massive results.

But if an Infographic with no motion picture can do this good, now just imagine what Gifographics can do to your business online!!

What is Gifographics?

The blend of Information and Graphics is what we call Infographics, which portrays a picture without motion elements. Gifographics, also known as Interactive Infographics, is a blend of GIF and Infographics, which portrays information in the picture with motion elements.

"We saw the future of Digital Market, and the future is now; Gifographics!" – D&D Team, SIM

Why Gifographics: the perks?

  • Drives more shares and traffic to websites
  • Best marketing tool that's capable of attention-grabbing
  • Constructs a powerful brand impression
  • Cuts time for lengthy explanation to audience
  • No worries if it's full of numbers or statistical information
  • Explaining any complex idea can be entertaining
  • Creative imaginations illustrated perfectly in real-time
  • Easy to remember any concepts
  • Very unique in its own way
"Both Infographics and Gifographics are undeniable Digital Solutions that cause impactive buzz to businesses in the Digital Market." – R&D Team, SIM

How do we do it: the process?

At SIM, if you ask us we are the pioneers in creating Infographics. With such a level of advanced expertise, we defined two processes "Gifographics Creation" & "Gifographics Distribution" which provides turnkey solutions to you, the aspirers.

Gifographics Creation:

  1. With the topic of your interest, we do a comprehensive research on the concept.
  2. We find useful facts & figures that best describes the concept.
  3. We define a unique theme and create a wireframe design ensured with Zero Plagiarism.
  4. Then we send the wireframe design with a selling title for your approval.
  5. Upon your 100% satisfaction, the actual Gifographics will be designed.
  6. Designers use Premium High-Quality graphics to illustrate the concepts.
  7. After designing, the graphics data will be sent to you, from where it gets revised or approved for Promotion.

Gifographics Distribution:

  1. We devise a marketing strategy with the blend of SEO & Social Signals.
  2. With the strategy devised, we distribute the Gifographics across websites with the highest Page Rank. (Viral Spread)
  3. Driving Traffic & Expanding Brand Awareness is the base in choosing top websites, blogs, social media, and other content sharing sites.
  4. Finally, a syndication report with the published links will be sent to you.

"If people can remember 20% of the texts they read, they can definitely remember 80% of visual illustrations they see. Do you want to be in that 20% or 80%?" – A question from the Book of Demands to Customers


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