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Starting Price We live in an era demanded by time, where seconds make billions in business! None of the customers or visitors is concerned to spend time for what is of less value, highly sophisticated, visually displeasing, etc. The element of coherent success to win conversions in this demanding online business is Infographic; art of delivering quickly transferable visualizations of data that are very complex! With SIM at your service, we deliver the most appealing and impelling Infographic designs which has the endurance to further promote your business to reach altitudes in the competitive market.

What is an Infographic?

An Infographic or Information graphic is a visual representation of data and ideas to deliver intricate information to common people in a way that can be hastily consumed and be easily understood.

Infographics is not just pictures; it is a revenue driving visual communication agent! Infographics turns even the complex data or concepts into intuitive instant knowledge that users understand more clearly, thus promoting your business to the entire world. It is in fact the most powerful tool in the content marketing world that helps you to overcome information overload and get your message across!

Why Infographics design for your online business?

  • Easy interpretation is data and long lasting impression on the viewers.
  • A solid brand identity and awareness among the volume of people watching your content
  • Extended Audience reach, Acquisition of natural inbound links and Increased Traffic.
  • Improved Search Engine Rankings, increased sales and revenues.
  • Publishers who use Infographics grow 12% more in traffic than those who don’t.
  • 40% of people will respond better to visual information than plain text.

When you read, only 1% of the information gets through the brain. But where does the remaining 99% go? That sensory information is filtered out by the brain immediately!

Infographics are in that 1%!!!!

Surveys reveal that most people remember only 20% of what they read, whereas visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than the text. It's easier to digest figures presented visually, as opposed to reading a 1,000 word article describing the same thing.

How SIM does Infographics for you?

  • We carry out a deep research, make sure that the topic is a good fit and then develop and present an articulate story in the simplest way.
  • We create Infographic contents that are share-worthy and design it in a way that attracts the targeted niche.
  • We push out your Infographics to the targeted audience at the right time and right place to ensure viral spread.
  • We sow Infographics in all the right places to give it the nudge it needs to get rolling.
  • We share Infographics with influential users of social news & bookmarking sites and provide you with a detailed syndication report

SIM’s Process of Infographics Design & Marketing:

  1. We send you the concept of Infographics with relevant title for approval.
  2. Once you approve the concept, we draft an outline of the layout with contents to be embraced.
  3. If you want us to do the Infographics on a particular topic or concept, you can let us know so that we shall create it accordingly.
  4. Based on your approval of the content and layout, we create unique design using stock photos.
  5. We revise the content and design of the Infographics based on your feedback.
  6. As you approve the design, we publish the final copy of the Infographics in the top sites, guest blogs, social media and social document sites to drive potential traffic.
  7. We ignite it in the right way to ensure viral spread.
  8. We also send you the syndication report with the published links after marketing the Infographics.

To deliver the most complex information to your audience, what else could be the best way other than Infographics? Once strewn, the word of your brand identity spreads out worldwide!

“Infographics, a promotional strategy that rewards your investment shortly!” - SIM

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