Online Political Campaign Promotions - India

With 336,141,340+ Internet users in India and 80% of them on social networks, the WIN and LOSS of any political party or politician is determined by their online campaigns. Political campaigns played a massive role in the recent election victories and continue to dominate the results. This is a tremendous opportunity to reach out voters, showcase the achievements and gain their loyalty. We are the first agency in south India to promote multiple political campaigns through multiple channels such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Wiki, PR, Pinterest, Instagram etc. Our political experts will decide on which channel will perform best for you and then plan a winning strategy.

"30% of the candidates win elections due to a strong Social Media Presence."

Wikipedia - Create and Manage Exclusive Wikipedia profiles

Research shows that over 60% of Indian politicians either do not have a wiki page or an incomplete profile with ambiguous content. Our Wikipedia editors will create (if not available), manage and maintain impressive Wiki Profiles. Wikipedia readily accepts profiles of popular politicians and party leaders.

Facebook – Fanpage Optimization & Promotion

FB is the most important social network when it comes to political campaigns. The major aspects of FB promotions will be

  • FanPage Optimization with Content and images
  • Add/Manage Friends
  • Likes, Shares & Comment Management
  • Create Distribute engaging posts
  • Showcase achievements, mandates and videos
  • Reply and respond to discussions
  • Join relevant groups and publish achievements, mandates and videos
  • Ad management to boost posts, get likes etc.

Twitter – Tweets and increase followers

Twitter is a personal platform and we recommend politicians to do it themselves to achieve loyalty and personal engagement. We will provide guidance and help to increase followers. Our Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi with 1.6 crore followers tweets by himself. For those who are too busy to tweet we can do the tweets. Twitter management includes

  • Tweeting
  • Increase followers
  • Re-tweets
  • Responding to tweets
  • Cross promoting other channels

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Youtube – Video Creation & Promotion

Youtube stands second among the most visited websites. Videos play a very large role in impacting the voters. They are the best way to promote speeches, mandates & achievements. Youtube Promotions include

  • Youtube Channel Creation and customization
  • Video Creation with call to actions
  • Distribution of video's across other channels
  • Paid Advertising

Online Press Release

Distribute your PR to over 400 journals online. This includes popular media outlets, ezines and online news portals from India and abroad.

  • PR Creation by expert journalists
  • PR distribution to networks
  • Guaranteed Google News Inclusion

Instagram & Pinterest – Image creation & promotions

Both these platforms are image sharing networks with millions of visitors every hour. We will use the platforms to distribute your manifestos, achievements, quotes etc.

Other Add-Ons

Based on the requirements we can offer you the below services with our development team

  • Mobile Responsive Website
  • Blog Creation and Maintenance
  • Infographics & Distribution
  • Social Media Branding

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Will you promote two candidates in a constituency?

NO – We work on a first come first serve basis. When working for a Political party, we promote only their candidates.

What is your expertise on online campaigns?

We are a Google Authorized Advertising agency and closely work with FaceBook & Youtube. We have Google, FB certified professionals who will target the right people in the right area. We are promoting a number of Politicians with online presence and Social media branding.

Can anyone have a WIKI Page?

Wikipedia is a Human edited portal and they have strict guidance to approve a profile. Our editors will make sure that every popular Politician will have a Wiki Page. If we believe that a profile is not eligible for Wiki entry then we will promote it in other channels to make it popular for Wiki entry.