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Resell Digital Marketing Services

Resell our highly acclaimed Digital Marketing Services. Unbeatable rates, proven track record and successful results.

We are one of the largest outsourced digital marketing companies in India offering a 360 degree integrated marketing solutions with Design & Development, SEO, PPC, Social Media, PR & Analytics. Our rates are unbeatable in the Industry which makes us the most preferred outsourcing partner.

Why SIM?

The Digital Marketing Industry has never been this competitive. Along with supreme service quality and quick turnaround times, the cheaper the rate, the higher are your chances of retaining or obtaining clients in a highly competitive market.

"We make this easier for you by offering a high quality service at unbeatable rates and a quick turnaround time".- SIM

Who We Are? – Digital Marketing Experts since the inception of the SEO concept (2002) Through all these years, with our unique SEO and SMO strategies, we have reproduced success by generating targeted traffic, improving search engine rankings, increasing the visibility in search engine results for even the competitive keywords, building credibility, creating brand awareness, increasing sales, and getting targeted leads and much more.

How Genuine Are We? – We have full-fledged in-house dedicated digital marketing expert teams, member of NASSCOM, ISO 9001 certified internationally - recognized company, we are within reach via various modes of communication and we have a huge client base to justify our professional repute and extensive experience in the digital industry.

What Is The ROI? – More than you could even wish for from Mr. Clause or the Tooth-fairy. Set up costs and employee expenses are non-existent as all these fees are nothing but refundable deposits. With continual business the setup becomes absolutely free and the ROI on this partnership increases day-by-day. For every dollar we charge you, you can conveniently charge an extra 2-3 dollars to your clients and it would still be appealing for your client.

Some of the businesses for which the reseller options come handy are:

  • Digital Marketing Agencies
  • Digital Marketers
  • Advertising Firms
  • PPC Companies
  • SEO firms
  • Internet Marketers
  • Web design & Web development
  • Graphics design companies
  • Web hosting companies
  • Event marketing firms
  • Marketing or online consultation
  • Business Associations

A-Z Reseller: Turnkey Reseller Plan

Our A-Z Reseller is a turnkey white label program that offers a user-friendly platform to resell our leading digital marketing services.

The highlight of the A-Z RESELLER program, however, is the ATTRACTIVE SERVICE RATES! You can quote the price of the services as per your choice, our prices remain standard whatsoever. So, if we charge you $100 while working inconspicuously under your brand, you can quote either $200 or $250 and end up earning the extra as your business profit, with little or no participation of yours in services offered.

A-Z Reseller Components

  • A website built with the most advanced and popular CMS Platform – FREE OF COST! (the advance deposit of $450 is refunded as the order value reaches $5000)
  • Clean coded site with Xhtml/CSS that supports all latest versions of major browsers like Firefox, Google Chrome, IE, Opera and Safari.
  • Custom Digital Marketing services uniquely combined to give exclusive strategies that in no way resemble any of the services we provide up front to our clients!
  • On-site SEO…. FREE OF COST!
  • Dedicated in-house project managers FREE OF COST!
  • Domain names, hosting space, web page content and site graphics on request
  • Provisions to add staff amongst our workforce and customize the job assignments
  • Detailed reporting and timely updates
  • 100% Ownership of the reseller website
  • Multiple payment gateway options with secure transactions

Along with the reseller website provided from scratch, you have a comprehensive in-house PROJECT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM that aids in smooth execution of projects right from the start to the end.

A-Z Reseller Control Panel Features

  • Add or remove staff, Assign/Re-assign jobs to staff
  • Create and Manage Custom Package orders from clients
  • Interact with the staff or clients on various projects
  • Set separate pages for separate orders to organize, manage and archive orders
  • Execute all portions of service on a particular order in a single page to improve time management and efficiency of project-related tasks and reports.
  • Set and override project execution dates
  • Monitor pending jobs and/or urgent jobs
  • Contact clients through Private Message Board(PMB)
  • View Scheduled jobs to a particular staff
  • Manage Client feedbacks

SMART Reseller: For existing websites

Kick start reseller services in less than 24 hours.

Best Suited for businesses who already have a website with shopping cart, payment gateway etc.

Quick integration of sales pages, project management system with the existing website. As low as $200*

*Refundable when the order value reaches $3000.

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