SEO Reseller Plans

Resell Our Highly Acclaimed SEO Services

We are the hen that lays golden eggs for YOU! Want to know how? Here is the thing. The SEO market has never been this competitive. SEO resellers have a myriad of SEO services to choose from. From freelancers to professional SEO Company – you name it and you got it. Why then would your potential client want to choose you over others of your genre? Negotiable and Affordable service charges would be your USP to be on top customer preference. Along with supreme SEO service quality and quick turnaround times, the cheaper the rate, the higher are your chances of retaining or obtaining clients in a highly competitive market. We make this easier for you… with our SEO RESELLER PROGRAM !

Who We Are?SEO experts since the inception of the SEO concept (2002) Through all these years, with our unique SEO and SMO strategies, we have reproduced success by generating targeted traffic, improving search engine rankings, increasing the visibility in search engine results for even the competitive keywords, building credibility, creating brand awareness, increasing sales, and getting targeted leads from the social media and much more.

How Genuine Are We? – We have full-fledged in-house dedicated SEO expert teams, member of NASSCOM, ISO 9001 certified internationally - recognized company, we are within reach via various modes of communication and we have a huge client base to justify our professional repute and extensive experience in the SEO industry. You can learn from our many faithful customers out credibility here.

Why Do We Offer The SEO RESELLER PROGRAM? – We are aware that the spending constraints of small and big online businesses have intensified further with yet another global economic slowdown of 2011. We thus offer to promote the SEO service in the disguise of your brand because we CAN match the most competitive market rates. It is a win-win situation where we do under-the-hood SEO work for your clients with rates that we can afford and gain growing business from you while you quote a rate that is 2 to 3x times more than the actual price and earn the profits just because you own the brand and finally your clients get what they need.

What Is The ROI? – More than you could even wish for from Mr. Clause or the Tooth-fairy. Some of the set up costs and employee expenses are non-existent as all these fees are nothing but refundable deposits. With continual business the setup becomes absolutely free and the ROI on this partnership increases day-by-day. For every dollar we charge you, you can conveniently charge an extra 2-3 dollars to your clients and it would still be cheap.

Does Cheap Quotes Mean A Compromise On Quality? ABSOLUTELY NOT ! We do not take in work that we cannot execute and we are confident enough to give this proposition thanks to the 10+ years of hands-on industry experience. Let our work in the past and the present speak for itself. If you need more proof, please feel free to contact us.

Some of the businesses for which the reseller options come handy are:

  • SEO firms
  • Internet Marketers
  • Web design & web development
  • Graphics design companies
  • Web hosting companies
  • Event marketing firms
  • Marketing or online consultation
  • Business Associations

The SEO RESELLER service features aspects of a proficient SEO business in such a way that everything is unique and in no-way resembles any other SEO service pack that either is included in our own SEO site or other sites. We offer to create a website from scratch that would hold details of the services you prefer to give to your clients and quietly operate it under your brand for YOU! It does not matter if it’s an existing business that needs expansion or an untouched one that needs work from A to Z; we have solutions for everyone out there who wants to distinguish their SEO business in the proliferating SEO market. To further make the reselling experience a breeze, we skillfully accommodate an established and futuristic web platform for SEO.

We use the world’s renowned e-commerce platform – MAGENTO!

MAGENTO is the revolutionary e-commerce platform that takes charge of your SEO RESELLER PROGRAM essentials. With our in-house expert web developers we customize your SEO reseller website offering the following mega Magento features:

  • All-inclusive MARKETING and PROMOTIONAL TOOLS that simplify the functional user interface
  • Methodical REPORTING TOOLS, Web optimizer and Google ANALYTICAL TOOLS to keep track of website performance
  • One-page CHECK OUT and flexible and highly SECURE PAYMENT options that is a PA-DSS certified payment application
  • One-click upgrades and content management system as a part of the most proficient SITE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM
  • SHOPPING CARTS and SERVICE CATALOGUES are within easy reach
  • Exclusive admin access to view, edit, create, track orders conveniently. ORDER MANAGEMENT was never this easy.
  • CUSTOMER ACCOUNTS details like order status, history, email, payment and reviews made readily accessible