Advantages of PPC that all Businesses Must Know

If you are not using PPC to its full extent, you are missing out on a huge marketing potential. Every successful web marketer would know the effectiveness of PPC in a digital marketing campaign. It’s a known fact that Pay Per Click comes with a number of features and functions making it an effective and more importantly, a cost effective investment for every online business out there. Even if you have been able to make a mark without using PPC, there is a great opportunity to take your brand to the next level.

  1. Testing Markets for New Products and Services

PPC is a great way to test new ideas and judge the response from your target audience. If you own a dental clinic and want to expand your services to ENT, pay-per-click can be effective in getting the feedback from your customers’ interests. The implication is more if you are a local business offering a service that is totally unique to competing service providers.

  1. Raising Funds

A PPC campaign can also be used as an effective tool to attract investors to your business. The best example perhaps would be the presidential campaign of Mr. Obama and Mr. Romney. Well, Mr. Obama was more successful and was able to address a larger mass of the community. This is same for every business. Several organizations and NGOs have been able to increase their donations and attract big investors using PPC marketing.

  1. Testing Offline Campaigns

Marketing experts have always recommended reviewing ad copies with a PPC campaign before you actually pour out the advance to Yellow Pages, magazines, newspapers and billboards. This will help marketers with a highly effective and streamlined copy of attracting customer’s attention. Further, PPC proves to be a meager investment when compared to the risks involved in billboard advertising.

  1. Testing In-Store Sales

If you are engaged in a brick and mortal store, PPC can also be an effective tool to spread the word and drive in more traffic through your website. Everyone is looking for discounts and deals and the internet is perhaps the best place for marketing. It could be Christmas or Valentine’s Day– grabbing customer’s attention wouldn’t have been that effective with just a banner outside your store window. A small investment in a PPC ad can be very helpful.

  1. Used as Testimonial

If you are doing a great job with your products and services, accolades come along. There is no harm in using these positive reviews in your PPC copies. These would actually be social-proof tools to engage the attention and giving the right leverage to your brand. If one customer has liked it, there would be many others curious about it. That’s how marketing works.

  1. Presenting your Business Personality

PPC ad copies can say a lot about your business. When compelling copies meets quality content, people will invariably be attracted to know more about it. Boring, bland and generic ad copies never make the mark. Whether you are selling comic magazines or insurance, the PPC ad copy should give a brief idea about your business.

  1. Displaying Business Advantages

This is a highly competitive marketplace and customers need a unique reason to choose one brand over another. PPC ad will be the right place to showcase your competitive edge and why you are the best in the business. Don’t just ask people to check out your website, but give reasons why they would do so. This will also help you gain more traffic and subsequently a higher rank in search engines.

  1. Legitimize the Brand

If you are a new brand, not many would have the knowledge of your existence or the quality of product/service. PPC ad copies that contain the keyword “Official” or “Recommended” are suggestive of the legitimacy of the brand.

  1. Marketing Time-Sensitive Offer

For retails, time-sensitive discounts and sales have been able to generate increased traffic and more revenue. Well, include this in your PPC and spread the word far and wide.

  1. Taking over Google SERP
If your business is present at the top of Google’s search result, there is nothing better. Well, why not aim for more? What about two or even three links of your website on the first page of Google SERP? This is the best way to dominate in the market!


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