SEW published an article on 10 OLD SEO Methods to be stopped. This is a detailed analysis of it.

I was surprised and a little shocked after reading 10 Old SEO Methods You Need to Stop by Greg Habermann. The title is totally misleading as in the article he says do a Press Release if it is newsworthy but the title appears like one should stop doing PR completely. He proudly announces that his SEO strategies are Panda/Penguin safe. While going through his site I understand that their major business is Adwords, PPC and Social Media which are the best friends of Google. The most important reason behind punishing Ezinearticles or e-how by Google is the fear of losing their PPC market share to Content rich sites. Let us do a detailed analysis on the so called OLD SEO Methods.


chris-knight.jpg"Google has a lot of smart PhD types working on this problem that I believe is not over by a long-shot. Reason: If you do a query for popular terms that we formerly ranked very high with, instead of an EzineArticles result, you may find low-quality sites that deliver even lower value to the user than our own members’ content! This is frustrating for sure," said Chris Knight, founder of on the Farmer/Panda update. He also added that "We are removing articles considered thin and spammy, and will put greater focus on rejection of advertorial articles".
So what is wrong in Article Marketing in the right way?

Greg himself says that a PR is good if it is newsworthy, and yes a PR should be newsworthy and should have a journalistic view. Press releases play an important role in the branding and exposure of a business.
So continue your PR marketing efforts, not only for the links but to boost your brand.

Let us analyze the other 8 SEO methods

1) Reciprocal Linking & Link Exchanges

This is history. No SEO company or SEO does a reciprocal link, 3 way links or any other mutual backlink strategy.

2) Creating Thin Content

I totally agree with this. Creating thin content is the major issue and content lacking any substance often comes up in Google searches. Eg. "Different people use different sunglasses. There are different types of sunglasses. They come in all shapes sizes and color. bla bla bla .. "

3) Losing Your Voice Through Automation

Certainly any automated strategy is against the policies of not only Google but also Yahoo & Bing. This is what Google has to say about Automation
"Don't use unauthorized computer programs to submit pages, check rankings, etc. Such programs consume computing resources and violate our Terms of Service. Google does not recommend the use of products such as WebPosition Gold™ that send automatic or programmatic queries to Google."

4) Ignoring Social Signals
It will be great if Greg can explain how "Ignoring Social Signals" fall under OLD SEO Method.

5) Implementing Tactics without a Strategy
Wondering if OLD SEO methods involved implementing tactics without strategy.

6) Focus on Rankings
Analysis of reports and rankings doesn't fall under SEO methods; However, I am against lengthy ranking reports or any other reports which eats up the time.

7) Focusing on Google Only
Old SEO methods were not limited to Google, as Yahoo and MSN(Bing) had a considerable share in the search Industry.

8) Ignoring Design
Is this an OLD SEO method?

The bottom-line is not to be carried away by misleading titles. Do your researches, every industry is different, If you are doing SEO for a celebrity, focus on Social Media. If you are working on an ecommerce site focus on Deal sites, Coupon sites, Social shopping and comparison shopping. There is nothing like a strictly NO, NO or YES, YES in SEO. Thanks for reading and your comments are much appreciated.

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