24 Must Know Free Press Release Directories for any Business

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Latest list of Popular, General, Free Online Press Release Directories.

You must have come across several lists of press release directories like top 10, top 50 etc. Most(all of them) of this lists either have irrelevant niches or regional Press release directories where you cannot submit your press release. It is not wise to submit a PR related to your health business to a real estate PR directory. Even if you submit your PR will get rejected by the moderators. I have compiled a list of 24 must have press release directories which

-  Are regularly  crawled by major search engines

-  Is syndicated to Media and Press

- General and accept PR of any category

- Global and not limited to a region

- Free to submit

- Provide links to website

- Have Good Page Rank

- SPAM Free

- All except one has “Do Follow”

 It took me a lot of time and energy to weed out the unwantedPR directories and clean up the list. If you think there are any other goodfree general press release directories out there, please feel free to add in thecomments.

npr.gif PR-9 . “Do Follow” National Public Radio Website. It’s tough to get thePress release approved by npr but certainly they approve newsworthy PressReleases. You can submit podcasts (audio files) as well.  A great site to have your PR in. It’s free tosubmit your PR here. They accept plain text formats only.

Update SEP-06-09 : NPR seems to have accepting and approving PRs. Will update on this shortly.

medianewswire.gifPR-6 “Do Follow” MediaNews Wire offers both paid and free inclusion. The paid version can have logo’sImages and links inside the PR. It has a quick approval time while the freeinclusion takes about 48 hours. You can have your website details in the bottomof the Press Release. The paid service comes at $29 / PR.

freepressrelease.gifPR-5 “Do Follow” Almost they approveevery PR. Sometimes they get spammed by users. They offer paid and freeinclusion of Press releases. The paid option starts from $1 to $5. They accepttext only PRs. Of course the PR gets approved instantly here but I am not a bigfan of them.


1888-Press Release.gifPR-5 “Do Follow” They have free and paidplans for 10,25 and $50. They do not provide links in the body or bottom of thePR. The paid versions display the links and the website in an iframe below thePr.

sanepr1.jpgPR-5 “Do Follow” SanePR has a fast approvalrate and they approve good Press releases immediately. Registration is requiredand you can check the status of the press releases and make any modificationsaccordingly. They allow html links inside the body of the Press Releases. Theydo not have a paid inclusion; however they provide a screen shot of the relatedwebsite on the free listings.



PR-5 “Do Follow” Immediateapproval of PR. The site converts press releases into pdf format and provides ahtml version as well. Links can be provided in the body of the Press release.Also you can add your company profile. It is 100% free to use. They claim tosend the PR free to Google News, Msn Live and various other sites.

pr.jpgPR-5 “No Follow” Theyhave paid and free options. The paid options start from $30-$60-$100. Theyallow html in body of Press release for paid inclusions. Also they willdistribute PR to Yahoo news. Google and several social media sites. Option forimages and selection of 2 categories in paid inclusion. Well monitored andmaintained directory.


PR-5 “Do Follow” They accept plain textformat for free inclusion and html Press Release for paid inclusion. Theycharge 7$ / month to upto 10 links from PR. The formatting of press release hasto be done manually and accept only 70 characters in the title.


clickpress.gifPR-5 “Do Follow” Click Press accept html format and distribute to Google News, Yahoo and Msn. They have a free and paid model. The paid model is 350$/month for unlimited PR distribution to media sites, USPRWIRE and UKPRWIRE.


PR-5 “Do Follow” This is another greatsite which accepts html and links in the body of the Press Release. Theysyndicate PR’s through channels to various blogs and websites. They alsopublish thumbnails and related images.


prfree.gifPR-5 “Do Follow” PRfree has a unique list of categories and they have a separate section for Journalists. A journalist or media company can create accounts for free and receive news in their email from relevant industry. Although they do not accept links in the body of press release, they display the entire website in a scrollable frame.


pressreleasepoint.JPGPR-4 “Do Follow” Press Release Point is a free site which distributes your Pr to online media and other sites. They require a registration to submit press releases. PRP allows html inside the press release and they have a free and paid distribution service.


24-7PressRelease_logo.jpgPR-4 “Do Follow”  24-7 Press Release is yet another powerful directory which has free and paid options starting from $49. They too have separate sections for publishers, advertisers and journalist. Also they distribute streaming video Prs.


freepressreleasecenter.pngPR-4 “Do Follow” They allow links in the Press Release and have a paid and free service. Also the site provides user to download PR as PDF documents. They offer Press release writing services as well for $49.

pressmethod.jpgPR-4 “Do Follow” PressMethod  has free and paid plans starting from $5.They distribute to about 1450 media sites including Google news. Basically it’sa free International PR distribution site.


PressReleaseSpider1.jpgPR-4 “Do Follow” Press Release Spider is a simple free general PR distribution site. They do not allow links in body of the PR, however you can have a link to your website from the url they provide on top of the PR.

PR-4 “Do Follow” This is a great site forBusiness News and Press releases. They have a tag navigation and distributenews through RSS feeds. Registration is required to submit press releases and theyaccept html formats in the PR with links back to urls.

transworldnews.gifPR-4 “Do Follow” General PR directory which offers the most comprehensive and up to date publication of national and international news releases. They have a free and paid model for distribution Press Release. Also they accept links in the body of the Press Release. Some of the inner pages have a PR5.


http://www.pressrelease001.com/pressrelease001.pngPR-4 “Do Follow” Registration required tosubmit Press Releases. Links have to be provided separately at the end of  the Press Release. It has a big list ofcategories where you can submit to.

The-open-press.gifPR-4 “Do Follow” As the name suggests,this is a general PR directory where you can submit any press release. Theyprovide links back to the site from the bottom in free submission but paidsubmission can have photos and links inside the PR. Media companies can sign infor email alerts on specific categories.

pressmediawire.jpgPR-4 “Do Follow” Another simple sitewhich distributes PR for free. They have a unique photo release option as well.They have a free and premium submission service. You will be provided with acontrol panel where you can monitor the status of your press release.


ideamarketers.jpgPR-3 “Do Follow” Idea Marketers is basically an Article directory but it has a section for Press release. Its free to submit here and they have a comparatively faster crawl rate. You can provide html inside the body of the Press release.

live-pr.pngPR-3 “Do Follow” This site is syndicated to Google News and the press releases submitted here appears to be available at Google news almost instantly.  They have English and German Versions.

 prcompass.gifPR-3 “Do Follow” Here you can embed video from YouTube and Google videos. They offer a free submission,however you can pay $1 if you need any media distribution. Accepts Html Links in Press Release. They provide options to edit your press release.


This is our own PR Directory which was launched this month. We approve PRs in 12 working hours and you can include videos, images and other Multimedia in the PR. This is 100% free and we request you to submit your Press Release here.

 List copyrighted by http://www.submitinme.com/.

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