It’s no holiday for the digital marketers out there.

digital marketing predictions for 2016

While the rest of the world is busy in planning vacations, partying and spending time with their loved ones, the digital marketers are already on their heels in making the most out of the year-end enthusiasm. This is the time when new strategies can be promoted which would determine the fate and future of the products during the next 12 months. Here are 5 things that will keep digital marketers busy in the coming year.

1. Social media ads

Industry experts predict that by the year 2017, digital spending for brands will beat the TV budgets. According to a report by Magna Global, digital advertisements will rise by 17.2% to reach the mark of $160 billion by the end of 2015 and another 13.5% in 2016. Now, a big chunk of this money will be poured into social ads. EMarketer predicts that social ad spending will grow to $35.98 billion for global brands by 2017 and this will be 16% of the overall digital spend.

2. Content will still rule the digital strategies

Content has been the undisputed kind of brand promotion and will continue being so. As social and mobile are taking over the digital platforms, consumers will be looking out for content that is more helpful, targeted and unique. As a growing force, 80% of the decision making is encouraged by the right type of content. Businesses and brands are eventually investing on Pinterest boards, LinkedIn pages, Spotify playlists, Tweets, Facebook Pages and Blogs. In 2016, content also places more emphasis on video and photos.

3. Getting more local

By May, 2015, internet searches on mobiles surpassed desktop based searches. This only hints towards the growing intent to convenience and the need for immediate access to information. There’s no waiting in this business. 72% consumers who searched for local results also visited the stores within a 5 mile radius – 50% did so on the same day. The relationship between online search and store footfall in getting intense – all thanks to smart phones and mobile applications. To add to the trend, Facebook recently introduced the “Facebook Professional services” that collates local businesses with reviews, ratings and feedbacks, making it easier for end users to access and trust them. In 2016, local companies and businesses will play a greater role in the mobile marketplace.

4. Native advertising

Online ads represent more than $350 billion of US GDP and consumers make spending decisions exceeding $9 trillion based on it. However, ad blocking, the ones supported by platforms like iOS9 are making brands lose up to 40% of their revenues. In 2016, it would be worthwhile to place some preventive measures that ensure that your ad budgets aren’t ripped off. This is also why native advertising is becoming more crucial. Native ads feel, read and look like non-promotional content and the ad-blocking technologies fail to apply to them.

5. Videos

Whether a speed recipe on Instagram or an event promotion on Facebook; a 30 second video will reach out to a larger mass than ecommerce product links. As per a report by Web Video Marketing Council, by 2016, 96% of B2B digital marketers would be investing into video content strategies. For the time it has been, videos have enriched the customer experience like never before. It helps humanize a rather faceless brand name, build a personality of the company and encourage trust and loyalty among users. In 2016, we are slated to see an explosion in the number of video ads we come across on the internet, both in search engines and social channels.

Digital marketing has been an industry that has been focused on the changing behavior of its demographics. 2016 will be year that will build upon the changing trends that have already taken pace and bring in new innovations and ways to reach out to the audience. For a digital marketer, 2016 will be quite exciting and we can expect to change the way our workday used to be scheduled in the past year. The aim however will still be to grow, amaze and innovate our marketing minds. Reach out and don’t fail to leave an impression!


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