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Recently, I encountered few articles advising business owners to do SEO themselves. They advise innocent people like-wise – “Content is King. You can do SEO yourself. Feed your site with good content and traffic follows you.” Do you think that this advice is worth enough? I admit than anyone with a minimum qualification like a bachelor’s degree of sort in hand, can learn SEO, become an expert in the field and then practice the same. But this requires time and dedication. A business man who has his primary interest on a different platform can never concentrate on learning SEO. This is when he has to rely on professional SEO’s and the services they suggest him, which helps rank his site better than before.

Here are the few reasons that abide my opinion.


Anyone can do SEO to a site. But what about your results over search engine and thereby lead generation which is followed by conversion? Are their efforts rewarded? Grazing over SEO starter guides for a week and jumping into doing SEO will be a blunder. You will end-up wasting your time and efforts. Rather you could utilize the time to market your own product and increase sales. Though Google provides free tools to track your traffic and entry sources, how many of them know the ideal method to track them? SEO Tools work only with adequate knowledge in the core SEO field. Maybe some procedures are self-explanatory and self-descriptive leading you to results, not all are the same and requires expert advice. And one more, how could you take chances with your business website? Your ignorant SEO work might get your site even penalized. Stay smart!


I have seen SEO service providers who never know even the alphabets of SEO.  Self SEO is DANGERThe risk lies here. Any business owner will be concerned when he decides to approach an SEO service provider. Literally he gets confused making a SEO vendor choice. The worst decision the person will take under such circumstances – “Why not do SEO myself to my business site? They say it is not rocket science and very simple. I will be the most concerned one about my site’s ranking than anyone else”. He now sits down with an SEO book (2,500 page volume) or downloads online books titled “Free Online SEO Guide”. After a week of intense learning, his hair follicles seem to stand erect over his head. Disaster! End gain = zero. I say that he had purposely wasted a precious week in his lifetime. Ask for referrals from an SEO service provider. Discuss with them and conclude whether you should sign agreement with the SEO. Ask plenty of questions to your service provider, until you get convinced. Please don’t expect them to teach SEO. That would be yet another disaster! Please do not ask anyone who works on computers to do SEO for your site. They can do it for you, but don’t expect results but for merciless emotions shading over your face, once the project is complete.

Experience is the best master

We have plenty of SEO sources online and also available in print forms. Self SEO is hardBut do they all convey the correct principles? I never stamp that they are all crap stories. I do admit that there are plenty of sources which educate you the basics of SEO. Think how it differs from an experienced SEO expert’s formula. What is the difference between a trained SEO professional are SEO strategies and a well written book on SEO? Do they differ? YES THEY DO. An SEO expert updates his knowledge via an online source. The next step he will do is to check if it works or not. Challenging is what, the updated knowledge will never work out 90% of the time. The reason will be many. Simple and petty flaws committed during the trial version, or may be a giant hole also. He takes time in identifying the area where he had gone wrong, find it, puncture the process, execute it, and turn the trial process into success. Will a learner have the patience to do so? Even if he has the patience, will he be able to spot the error, with a small study done on SEO for a short period of time?

SEO Evolves Each Day

expensive self SEO

SEO gets polished and sharpened from all possible ends each day. The requirements also vary accordingly. It needs utmost commitment and dedication to know what’s happening in the SEO world. Thousands of news articles, blog posts, discussion sites and forums opine on SEO trends each day. But what are the good ones you follow and the ones you discard? This question will get an answer only when you are experienced. As long as there are search engines, there will be SEO.

Damn expensive, I say

The capital you allot for training and nurturing SEO talents, when you plan to set-up your own SEO team will be way too high than you expect. Also once you complete training your guys, seal them to be “SEO Gurus” and bring them to floor, there should have arrived a new algorithm update by Google. Alas! All your efforts will be gone with the wind. Why do you stress yourself so much when you are not sure of the outcome? Identify a professional SEO service provider. SEO is worth investing. Use your intellect doing so. Stay alert, when talking to them. If they go ahead saying 100% results guaranteed, I would advise you to part ways from ending up having business with them. No one could guarantee results, especially when their site got hit by Panda or Penguin. Very meager percent of the websites have recovery completely out of these update hits, till date. You can of course improve rankings and gain visitors more than ever, but never a 1st or a 2nd position guarantee works.

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