5 Simple Yet Effective Tactics to Create High-Quality Backlinks with Press Release in 2020

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Press Release

High-Quality Backlinks with Press Release in 2020

Should I include press release in my link-building strategies? This is one of the most common questions that many marketers have in mind. 

Backlinks are foundational to SEO, and Press Release distribution has been one of the top link-building resources for many years.

That being said, press release backlinks don’t have a direct impact on your rankings after the penguin, panda and all other animals which have changed the game of SEO. But, they do have an indirect link to the search results by increasing the site’s matrix and boosting your traffic which is one of the major ranking factors of Google.

If you are one among the SEO marketers proclaiming that backlinks earned through press release distribution is not worthy, you are wrong my friend. Let’s find out why.

Chapter 1

Insights on Google Penalties and Press Release Distribution

Chapter 2

How Can Press Release Be Beneficial To SEO?

Chapter 3

How to Earn High-Quality Backlinks with a Press Release?

Chapter 4

How to Avoid Press Release Penalties?

Chapter 1

Insights on Google Penalties and Press Release Distribution

For decades, Press releases distribution is known to be an invaluable tool in increasing online and offline presence for a business. Ever since Google began to consider backlinks earned through the press release distribution as part of their ranking factors, the popularity of Press release peaked. Yes, marketers saw press release as a quick way to gain authority and backlinks.

A lot of marketers started to write worthless press releases and published on newswire services. They included an optimized keyword and strategically placed into the press release. Instead of using the press release distribution to announce something important about their business, they used it to generate more backlinks and spammed the press release to increase the website traffic.

So, what happened? 

Insights on Google Penalties and Press Release Distribution

What was considered as a legitimate source of backlinks was viewed as illegitimate. This is when Google came up with the penalties in order to deter marketers from abusing press release distribution.

Remember, “Google Always Want To Provide The Best User Experience.”

Google penalized sites that are exploiting press release as a way to grow their backlink profile. Either the site should take down the press release to recover the rankings or penalized the rankings when an offending press release was issued.

It’s at this point a lot of people in the industry concluded that backlinks earned with Press Release      is no longer effective.

But, this is where they have missed the point.

Press Release Backlinks Are Still Beneficial To Your SEO!

Google added new linking parameters for press release distribution, but still many businesses don’t know how to optimize press release and earn backlinks without being penalized by Google.

Trying to get more coverage could actually do more harm than good. So, Do The Right Thing. A pizza might be nice, but stuffing the whole pizza with all your favorite toppings and double extra cheese may not taste good.

Understand Google’s guidelines on PR and optimize the press release in the right way so that you can earn high-quality backlinks which can help boost your traffic and revenue.

Chapter 2

How Can Press Release Be Beneficial To SEO?

How Can Press Release Be Beneficial To SEO?

A press release is much more than writing about company news and publishing it on sites. An overly optimized press release has no SEO value and does no good to your digital marketing.

If a PR is engaging and valuable, it can generate social signals and sharing and direct organic traffic to a website.

Yes, publishing a press release offers a range of SEO benefits. In fact, press releases are a valuable tool to attract the search engines and reward you with a high position on the search engine result pages.

A well- optimized Press release, with great story and strategically placed keywords, that is published on sites as a part of your media coverage can help you in two ways, including build a positive reputation for your brand and advertise your product/service to the public. This is what search engines are looking for when someone searches for your niche or industry.

When you earn media coverage, it is essential to ensure that the published article has links to your company’s website. Since these backlinks are from trustworthy sources, they are considered as high quality.

When Done Right, A Press Release Can Add Quality Backlinks Pointing Back to Your Site from Trustworthy Sites and Improve Your Website’s Rankings

Now that you have understood the fact that PR is still worth for your SEO and an excellent digital marketing strategy, let’s move on to the press release tactic that can help earn quality links.  

Chapter 3

How to Earn High-Quality Backlinks with a Press Release?

1. Let It Be a Newsworthy Announcement

How to Earn High-Quality Backlinks with a Press Release?

A press release is a company’s announcement to the press. Don’t write a press release just for the sake of SEO and earning backlinks. Your press release content should be a newsworthy announcement that journalists and bloggers will want to cover. They are always looking for interesting stories.  

What is new in your company? Are you launching a product or adding/upgrading a service? Do you want your customers to know about your new partnership? Is it about a new branch opening announcement? Are you hiring a new CMO? Or, redesigning your website? As long as you are doing something new, you are good to go.

If your story is published and people journalists find it newsworthy and put a post about it, imagine the leads and authority backlinks you’ll earn.

With a newsworthy PR, you are less likely to be penalized by Google and earn quality links from another source.

2. Use Multiple Keyword

Use Multiple Keywords

Using keywords is the best press release tactic to get your company’s message out to the public. With over 3.5 billion searches on Google, SEO is the crucial element for public relation digital marketing campaigns. However, using a single keyword throughout an entire press release is not the right way, and you’ll be penalized by Google.

Instead of a single keyword, include multiple, strong keywords which people are often searching related to the product or service you are offering in your press release content. By doing so, you are likely to be found by many people and customers.

Before drafting your press release, conduct keyword research using the free tools and find out which keywords will give you results and ones to avoid.

Using the right keywords in your content is the key to Modern SEO press release and gain visibility which can help gain credible backlinks. The more links, the more website traffic.

3. Focus On Press Release Distribution

Focus On Press Release Distribution

The goal of the press release distribution is to build awareness than earning press release backlinks.  Keep in mind, the more publications that cover your story or news, the more people know about it, which can result in more press release backlinks.

So, it often works best when Press release distribution is done on the sources that have a direct connection with your target audience. Upload your press release to submission sites as journalists will often search these platforms for some interesting stories. However, many marketers tend to overlook the potential of press release distribution on news release websites.

Press release distribution on the newswire websites is one of the best ways to earn the links as these organizations will post your PR for a period of time which allows your content to get more visibility and additional backlinks.

While some offer free Press release distribution service, other sites offer paid Press release distribution plan. Prepare the list of free and paid Press release distribution publications that would be interested in the story and compare the benefits you will be reaping.

Opt for paid distribution plan when you are choosing to distribute your press release content through online methods to get more backlinks.

Once you determine the platforms release your press release, set a dedicated budget. It will not only allow generating quality backlinks but also temporary links through thirty-party sponsored content.

4. Ensure the Press Release Is Easily Accessible On Your Site 

Ensure the Press Release Is Easily Accessible On Your Site

Of course, distributing your PR in third party sites is beneficial. But, it is also essential to post the news content on your website as well for better visibility. This is one of a clever press release tactic to generate links.

It is very important to include a Press or Newsroom on your website and ensure it is easily accessible. Not only the news about your company will be on your website but also give media personal an official place to look for your press releases. It gives you an authority that your site is trustable, and you really have some announcement to your customers and target audience.

Also, make sure it can be shared on social media platforms and other sites easily.

5. Add Natural Links

Add Natural Links

Remember, gaining media coverage is not about stuffing content with links to your website’s home page as it can backfire in many ways. You need to follow the best practices for linking.

Include a natural backlink in your PR content. It is a good idea to craft the content and then add the links where it is natural to do so. The links should be natural and blended well with the particular phrase instead of inserting them in such a way it looks odd. Try to use your company name and also a phrase that invites readers to get more details about it.

Now that we have learnt how to get value from press release distribution, let’s find out how to avoid PR penalties.

Chapter 4

How to Avoid Press Release Penalties?

How to Avoid Press Release Penalties

Modern press release distribution is no different than your guest post and other blog contents. They are a piece of content with a link that points back to your site. Press release content is subject to all the rules about content online.

When you are into digital marketing, you really need to be very careful as Google will punish your site if you are trying to manipulate algorithms to improve the quality of content presented to their end-users. Google penalty is no joke and its’ something serious, which gives nightmares to every marketers who are into digital marketing.

Therefore, it is essential to follow Google’s Webmaster Guidelines on PR (press release) before crafting and distributing.

Here is some of the best press release tactic to optimize your PR and avoid Google penalties:-

1. Use No-Follow Links

This is one of the significant things you need to do to avoid being penalized by Google. By doing so, you indicate search engines to ignore the links in your PR. However, the links will work. But, the search engines will not count those links in your press release as part of your SEO link building strategy. So, add no follow tags to your links.

2. Less Is More

How many links can be added in a PR? The fact is press releases that contain more than 3 links are considered to be as produced for the cause of generating links even if it is not the purpose.

So, two links are more than enough to get value from your press release and less the chances of being penalized by Google.

Ensure the links are meaningful and natural. Provide call-to-action within the press release or a new product or service with backlinks as it creates the curiosity among readers to click the links.

3. Focus On Quality

When it comes to digital marketing, quality content is king. One of the best ways to avoid Google penalties is to focus on quality. Google always likes high-quality content that is useful for its users to have a better experience.

So, your primary focus should be on creating high-quality content that is newsworthy and engaging to those who are interested in reading and sharing.

4. Use Different Anchor Text

Businesses that are eager to rank high for the keywords use the keywords and anchor text the same thing. This can actually do more harm than good as it is clearly shown that the Press release tactic used for building links.

Search engines will consider such contents as illegitimate and penalize the website, which can significantly affect rankings and performance.

The links should be included naturally in the text. It is a clever way to ensure your keywords and backlinks are valued without penalty.

Using your company is the best way to be benefited from the anchor text as it makes it clear where the links are headed but make it easier for the readers to find out more information without being invited.

5. Check With Press Release Distribution Services

PR service sites are the ones that help businesses get their announcement out to the public, bloggers, journalists, and news agencies that are looking for interesting information.

The Press release distribution services and press release wires will try and ensure the content is in the best shape to be published without receiving any penalties. That said, you should always ensure it as not all the services are equal. While some might take care of everything, others will put the responsibility on you for the penalties and reach.

Hence, it makes sense to choose a reputed distributor and check their services whether they also use only one or two no-follow links and other digital marketing strategies to avoid penalties before subscribing.

6. Remove Old Links

Are you one of the marketers used PR for generating more backlinks? Now is the right time to find out all the overly optimized old press releases and remove them from your website. Doing so is beneficial to your SEO.

If you couldn’t remove the links, consider using Google disavow tool to prevent old links from harming your SEO.

Final Thoughts

Final Thought

Hope this post has explained how a well optimized press release can still provide a plethora of benefits to your SEO and digital marketing campaign.

You must understand the fact that the desire for news would never vanish from this world. We are not advising you to stop using press release distribution altogether. In the world of digital marketing, PR is still an excellent tool for connecting with media, journalists, and investors.

It’s very clear that the right backlinks earned through press release have a lot to offer to your brand and beneficial to your SEO. In fact, you can even dominate your competitors on search engines with right backlinks.

A good press release with valid information will perform much better than the press release created for SEO purpose.

Remember, press releases are credibility and branding tools, not the SEO tool. By thinking this way, it will help you focus where it needs to be in future releases. You should continue to use press releases for creating brand awareness but not as a part of your link building strategy.

There are many legitimate ways to build quality links that can boost your rankings and sales. But, definitely not Press Release.

Are press releases a part of your digital marketing strategy? We are a professional PR company specialized in crafting newsworthy press release and press release distribution. We can provide you with a well-balanced PR and digital marketing strategy, which can be extremely beneficial to your SEO.

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