5 ways in which mobile has changed the digital marketing perspective for local businesses

Guna Nadar
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Impact of mobile on digital marketing for local businesses

The modern society is increasingly craving for convenience. Things have got easier with the advent of internet and even more easier with the advent of smart phone technology. Everyone, every organization is looking to make its life simpler with the use of technology. Today, more than 25% of internet searches are taking place on mobile devices and the percentage is expected to rise exponentially over the next couple of years. It is even being said that mobile search will easily exceed desktop searches by the end of 2015. This has great implications for the digital marketing world. For small businesses, this would be the right time to switch to a mobile friendly digital platform.

Local businesses would also be surprised to know that more than 61% of searches done through a mobile device convert into an actual purchase. Thus mobile could be an incredible tool for revenue generation and brand exposure. Let’s take a closer look into how mobile marketing can help make a mark.

  1. Location Based Searches

Consumers are more mobile than they have ever been but more importantly they are also looking to sync their online purchases with their mobile device. Location based searches make it easier for customers to find local businesses. Even if you are a brick and mortar store, there are plenty of customers looking out for you on the internet. From tourists to dating couples, local searches is the modern way to find restaurants, cafes, night clubs, hotels, spas and even yoga classes. Location based apps make your search easier and no one is a stranger anymore, regardless of which part of the world you are in.

  1. Word of Mouth

Although technology has led to the evolution of several new digital marketing techniques, word of mouth still holds its position as being the most reliable form of promotion. Just that it is no more done door to door but through transparent customer reviews and feedback. Modern customers rely heavily on customer reviews and related tools to make their online purchase decisions.

  1. The Rise of ‘Digital Natives’

The generation ‘Y’ has also brought in the concept of ‘digital natives’. With more than 80 million customers making up this generation, 40% prefer to buy local products and services as opposed to running for big brands and international product lines. However, this is also the generation that has been growing by depending heavily on the internet. About 72% of the younger generation today has a smart phone and each one of them use the device more than 43 times daily. This could be either to make calls, check emails, play games or make an intuitive purchase. Mobile banking too has helped push this generation ‘Y’ towards more online purchases. As years pass by, this generation will take over the consumer market completely and their search for local businesses is only going to increase rapidly.

  1. Easy Conversions

The best thing about local searches is that there are fewer competitors to tackle. How many luxury hotels could there be in a 5 kilometer radius? A lot less, if the customer would have preferred a local search instead of a wider search before choosing a destination. Reports say that three out of every four local searches trigger a response. This comes up to 75% of local searches resulting in someone stepping into your business premises or store. Further, with options like “click to call’ integrated into local listings you can expect a long queue at your reception.

  1. Need of an Online Presence

The modern consumer spends more amount of time on the internet than ever before. Social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram keep the consumer busy and these have also proved to be the most effective platforms for marketing. Today, having a website for your business goes unsaid. Further, businesses are trying to invest more into digital platforms like applications and social media to keep their customers engaged.

Digital marketing technologies have evolved tremendously over the past couple of years and the trend is here to stay and grow further. If you are looking to make the most out of this golden opportunity, it’s high time for you to go mobile.


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