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Social Media Marketing Industry changes so quickly that many Industries and Digital Marketing Agencies can barely adapt. Each Social Media Network functions independently with its own unique elements and should be treated so. Picking the ones that are best for you can take a lot of time to master. Even after picking the best, one should know how to reach, engage and nurture the audience.

Looking for an effective way to market your product on Social Media? Here are the 6 most wanted steps to attract your ideal Audience and convert them to potential customers to achieve best ROI.

  1. Plan from Scratch

Take the time to create a well-defined social media plan; the rest of the steps follow naturally. Establish objectives & goals and choose the best ones based on the kind of results you want. Then you should thoroughly analyze those objectives that you hope to achieve to gauge your success and to prove your return on investment.

“The effectiveness of your Social Media Strategies depends on the Foundation you establish.”

  1. Create a Social Media Content Calendar

You can plan all content marketing activities through a Content Marketing Editorial Calendar. Awesome Calendar can be built by having better knowledge of your Goals and your Audience. The element of successful Social Media Content Planning Calendar must include Date and Time, The type Network, Topic, Post, Images, Links, Ratio of sharing of different types of posts and the number of Posts per day/week/month for each network. Once you are done with building this calendar, you have to schedule your posts in advance than updating constantly throughout the day.

“Social Media Calendar holds the actual key data about the Contents to be published and the date/time of publication.”

  1. Reach Target Audience

Choose Audience who are more likely to care about your business. Before people will do business with you, they need to Know, Like and Trust you. And you need to;

  • Know who's right
  • Avoid who's wrong
  • Get in front of your real Audience
  • Use your own power to attract only those Audience

“The more you thrive to reach your targeted audience, the best your efforts will result in.”

  1. Interact with your Fans and Engage Them

This is the main key that differentiates Social Media Marketing from Traditional Marketing. Be spontaneous with your engagement and customer service in addition to publishing content. Make your fans feel the pleasant welcome, celebrate with them, respond to their complaints/compliments/questions instantly, make them participate in the conversion, and encourage healthy debates. Make them realize that your business is built with real people by letting them know who is responding to their requests by including the initials of the person who is interacting with them. Finally, interact as much as possible.

“The more you interact, the more the trust gained by your potential customers over you.”

  1. Convert Audience into Customers

Your followers don’t trust you overnight. This is what that matters the most when it comes to business. The biggest problem with business people is that they strive hard to get fans but forget the next step to convert them to customers. Trust and credibility are absolutely essential for converting the audience into new clients. Build trust by giving free advice, ensuring transparent online branding, letting them know that you care them more than you care for yourself.  Motivate them during their journey of buying and create a memorable service experience. The conversions should be able to track and measure as well.

“Convert your Audience into potential customers, and potential customers into paying customers.”

  1. Long-term Engagement

It takes commitment to embrace and cultivate loyal & long-term customers through Social Media. Surprise your customers by offering rewards, unique discounts, and bonuses. Furthermore, if you can establish a mutually trusting relationship with your audience, they will be more likely to stick with you, and ultimately, you will have a far better chance at converting those followers into long-term paying customers.

“Expecting results overnight is not possible through Social Media. It’s all about Long-term commitment that counts.”


Most businesses tend to follow the initial process of establishing a base on Social Networks, but eventually these profiles become Zombies! Hence, keeping it updated with valuable information is a must and that’s why opting for Social Media Marketing is especially recommended for you.

Always remember, Social Media is the Future destination to Market your business and a potential channel for Lead Acquisition.

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