The must have SEO skills for any SEO provider to be succesful

The Internet marketplace today demands a definite skillset from search engine optimizers who want to succeed. Should SEO service agencies restrict themselves to rendering only SEO services or should they broad base themselves into other related Internet marketing areas too?
The timestoday predict that an SEO company should integrate all kinds of digital marketing which includes both on and off-page SEO, apart from other services. So, essentially, if you’re an SEO company, you need to cover the following six areas.

technical SEOTechnical SEO skills:  At the very bottom, SEO and keyword research go hand in hand, but that’s where it all starts for SEO. Really, as an SEO company, you can help improve websites at the level of the page and the server so that they both are easily located by search engines so that this generates into enhanced traffic and easy conversion from casual visitors to the site to confirmed customers.
This entails knowledge of on-page optimization but it’s equally important to know the technicalities of SEO, which means coding. If you’re in a spot over SEO, you can fight and win arguments if you know the technical side of it.So, you’d be well-advised to learn all you can about the technical aspect of SEO, such as sitemaps, rewrites, server settings, etc.

Social-Media-SEOSocial Media Marketing: This isn’t restricted to sending tweets or messages on social media sites but providing a focused SEO service like driving targeted traffic from and to social media sites. You can use your social media skills to generate more traffic for your client’s site by using your SEO skills to create fan pages, build a large fan following on Twitter and optimizing videos for your client on YouTube.

SEO LinksLink-Building:
Social media sites have increased the need for link-building and today we have two approaches of link-building: one, the traditional way which includes distributing to reputed PR sites, article directories and sites for particular associations. These are permanent links with a longer life , compared to bookmark,  tweets and content syndication.
Second, you have internal link optimization which you can use on social media sites like your Facebook Fan page. Considering the focused content written these days, it’s extremely important for SEO professionals to know all about internal and external link building which they can offer as a valuable SEO service.

SEO ContentContent Marketing: By writing updated and relevant content on your clients’ sites, visitors will make a beeline to these sites and this will in turn make marketing for you much easier, so it’s a valuable skill to have. There are two aspects to content marketing—content creation and content distribution.
Content creation refers to your ability to create content that will support and add value to users and search engines and fill gaps in content. Content distribution refers to distributing content to article directories and doing basic keyword research.

Site usability:
As an SEO company, surely you know the worth of having high quality site usability. By this you can tell how you have placed the objects on your page and whether the information provided therein is useful and reader-friendly to your visitors.

Information architecture: An SEO company like you needs to know how to organize its site content, folder structure and label the elements on its site clearly so that it is easily crawled by search engines.

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