7 digital marketing statistics that every marketer should know

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Digital marketing statistics

Digital marketing is so much like dropping bread crumbs to attract buyers, find followers and give more exposure to your products and services. However, unlike being a straightforward process, digital channels allow customers and prospects to follow a maze like purchase path. The buying process is ever shifting and strategizing this journey can be highly tactical and challenging. This is further guided by the ever changing tools that help marketers connect with the audience. However, the end goal remains the same – connecting with customers.

So, what are marketers doing in 2015? Here we list 7 statistics that will help you better understand the tactics of successful brands and inspire your own audience.

1. Digital marketing will account for 35% of the total marketing budgets by 2016

All businesses know and understand the different marketing tools available to them. However, the trick to success is optimizing the marketing budget between traditional forms of marketing and exposing the brand in digital channels. The online marketplace offers huge opportunities and cannot be ignored. Start by targeting the platforms/demographics where your competition has intensive presence. Once you try out a digital strategy, track it for analytics, and subsequently tweak it according to the response to maximize the ROI. A popular platform for digital marketing in 2015 and beyond would be mobile platforms. Keep enough budgets for this cause.

2. Content generation and its management is the second largest element in digital marketing budgets today

In 2015, digital marketers are focusing a lot of weave content that is unique, interesting, timely and provoking. It is being used is all kinds of channels including social networks, blogs, video channels and other customer driven forums. Customers today have turned to greater research before ordering a product or service. A great content development and maintenance process will be able to keep you in competition and inspire customers. Consequently, invest in a team of people who will be able to write amazing things.

3. 28% of global marketers have put more money into digital marketing by reducing advertising budgets

This is a highly crucial shift from the old-school ways to modern online channels. The strategic changes based upon these results are easier to be put into action wherein businesses are able to make more money by stretching their option for digital propagation.

4. Search engine marketing boasts the largest investment with 47% online spending

Companies have been spending big bucks to get the attention of the audience. It is crucial to know where to find your customers and convince them using the technological advantages of applications, software services, and mobile impact. Investing more money into search engine will help you reengage your customer into the path to purchase.

5. 60% of all B2B marketers are using web traffic to monitor success instead of the revenues generated or social media growth

Success of an online brand has invariably come down to analytics. Today, several software tools make it easier to measure ROI and track performance with reference to reliable website traffic. Analytics give a clear picture of the visibility of your marketing campaigns. However, along with traffic monitoring, it is vital to ramp up your content marketing efforts.

6. 84% top companies will be indulging in marketing automation by 2015

It has got almost impossible to be able to manage marketing efforts humanely. Automation tools allow companies to be consistent with large volumes of data and analytic results. While personalized content and services meets the needs of the global economy, automation processes like web analytics, emails, segmentation, list management, landing page creation and other multi channel alignment create a greater impact on the accountability of performance.

7. Display banners (online) it the next in line to get the maximum budget allocation

By the end of 2015, 34% of the total online spending by marketers will be on display banners and advertisements. This would in fact account for almost 10% of the overall marketing budget. Modern marketers have the ability to track results within hours and this creates an agile opportunity to quickly make a turn around and tweak campaigns for faster response.

When all of these come together, it will have a great impact upon your marketing bottomline. Be alert and be unique and you will never fail!

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