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The internet is a tool that local businesses simply cannot choose to ignore. When consumers are rapidly turning to platforms like social media and mobile applications for their purchases, the online presence of local brands have become even more important. The online marketing industry is estimated to grow bigger than $42.5 billion by the end of 2015. According to BIA Kelsey, a local search firm, the overall search engine digital marketing industry grew over to $22 billion by 2012 and around $20 billion every consequent year. With more number of businesses recognizing brand placement at the forefront of the internet, new companies are looking up to them to fulfill their needs. LocalVox has already increasing their Series A funding, blurting out the fact that the investors aren’t blind to the rise in opportunity.

great local digital marketing ideas in 2015

For local digital marketers, here are seven tips that can prove to be quite helping in the current market conditions:

Using local keywords: If you are a startup or just entered the realm of social advertising for some time now, the focus should be on being able to use local keywords. This will allow these brands to appear in the top list of search engine results. Local keywords give these brands less competition and thus marketers can expect a better return on the investment. The simple fact is there are several brand fighting for the same demographics. Even global brands are addressing the local market with their highly flexible products and doorstep services. For local brands to fight this competition there is a dire need to move up the search engine results and local keywording is one of the many tools to this purpose.

Investing more in resource rich content: It is certainly not enough for local brand to be satisfied with a website. They should start investing more time on creating resource rich content. A common tool to this end would be a resource blog that allows customers to access new information at regular intervals. Done rightly, blogs can help reach out to more audience in the longer run and create a brand following. It is necessary that brand become the ‘local go-to experts’ through content marketing that impacts social, web and mobile traffic.

Engaging more fan following: A local business looking to optimize the web for its marketing purpose should be focusing more on engaging its followers in social networks, forums and followers from other platforms. Even if you have a great website but not using the right tools to listen and respond back to your customers, you will eventually lose out to bigger brand who will win over the audience with audience building skills. Followers can always make or break a brand. Even when communicating, it is necessary that you give out a positive message that is worth listening to a spreading.

Visual content and social networks: Any local brand can leverage upon the rising trend of visual marketing through images, Infographics and video content. From Instagram to YouTube ads, brand can hope to get triple the exposure they are currently experiencing through the website alone.

Consistency and periodical updates: A brand image needs to be stuck to. A single communication makes no difference. Local brands need to create more and more engaging content periodically and use them to boost their credibility. Customers on the other end are looking for information – information that is unique and adds some kind of value to the market / product knowledge they already have. For someone in the digital marketing industry, it should be a priority to pay daily attention. This has also been the reason that several local brands are recruiting social advertisers and communicators.

Video advertising: Among the existing visual mediums of advertising, videos are the most promising marketing tools. A 10 second video advertisement can say a lot while addressing the basic emotions of the target audience. Be creative with the content and share the message in a way that the audience feels expressive. This will also be valuable for audiences who want to know more about your company and the products and services you are offering.

Digital marketing is evolving at every step. Local marketers need to step up to be able to fight the competition.

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