7 reasons why digital marketing has become more important for social marketers

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A brief investigation on the latest Social Channel drifts

Digital marketing has become more important for social marketers

Change has been nothing new in the world of digital marketing. However, in present times, ‘changes’ to the existing setup has been overwhelming, so much so that many brands are finding it hard to catch up and keep pace. Social media is one of the areas where digital marketing has taken up a rapid pace besides providing huge opportunities. Today, the numbers of social channels have gone beyond Facebook and Twitter. While these were the first to enter this realm, today we have YouTube, Google+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and several others to take care of. The job profile of a digital marketer is getting broader every day. Here are 7 things that any social media marketer should be aware of:

1. Google has been increasingly relying on social media for SEO signals

Back in the 2000s, social media and SEO were completely separate entities for marketers. However, as the need for organic marketing ecosystem increased, search engines like Google have been relying more of social networks to define its rankings. Social media managers will now need to be more informed about the SEO agenda of the digital marketer. The barrier between content promotions between the two is getting thinner and online marketing and social marketing with need to complement each other. What you write on Facebook and how you perform on social groups is going to affect your website traffic and search engine rankings from now on.

2. Content marketing is the answer to new Facebook algorithms

Though social platforms offer a great tool for business promotion, digital marketing will also need to define limits. Facebook’s new algorithms for instance call for posts that are relevant and add value to the needs of the audience. Facebook’s content marketing will get more sophisticated as a result and a content marketing strategy will become crucial to business success.

3. Websites getting mobile friendly

It’s not just Google’s April 15th Mobilegeddon that made mobile friendliness (responsiveness) become so much important for online businesses. According to a report by Statista, 52.4% online audience will use internet on their phone by the end of 2015. Mobile is where the crowd will be and this gives enough reason for websites to be optimized for mobile devices. Optimization here isn’t just limited to the interface but also the content (images, videos and text).

4. Better optimized Twitter search engine

Earlier this year, Twitter launched it much awaited search engine. This powerful search feature will allow users to filter posts linked to a specific keyword/phrase and see through every Tweet published on the network. This makes it important for businesses and marketers to focus even more on how they construct the posts. The network also serves posts with tools like hashtags, links and images, thereby making your message more relevant. Thus, the competency of Twitter search engine gets closer to how Google functions. Remember that your tweets will now be more visible across search queries.

5.Marketing decisions using social data

There must be ample number of times when marketers have highlighted the importance of social median data in campaign strategies. However, the truth is that social media data is quite complex and putting it into visible action takes more than mere effort. According to Hootsuite, 60% of global organization struggle with social data. However, the worse days seem to be over with the introduction of social analytics. Today, social media can be used to create accurate customer personas and strategize language prospects.

6.Testing becomes an integral part of digital success

The world has become a smaller place and it doesn’t take a lot of time for news to spread globally. This makes ‘testing’ an important part of your digital success. Even before you make your landing pages, blogs, emails and websites live; it is preferable that marketers test the potential. Testing will also ensure all errors (howsoever minor) are eliminated and that the end user has a great first impression.

7. Shift to a more ‘human’ experience

Internet is becoming more ‘human’ everyday. Using tools like artificial intelligence and analytics, digital markets are putting more focus on making the digital experience more personalized and personal. Be it social media or search engines, content and campaigns need to be more targeted and strategized according to the expectations of a reader (rather than search engine bots).

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