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A business, whether a startup or established, must have a strong online presence to thrive and reach its potential customer base and further delight them. With this ideology in mind, businesses of all sizes and shapes have made social media an integral part of its digital marketing campaign. The customers today are interacting with their favorite brands online through various social networking platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and several others. From this it is evident that, having a strong presence in social media is important for a business’s success, else its demise is inevitable. But the question is how well we implement strategies to get more out of social media.

“We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media; the question is how well we do it.” – Erik Qualman.

A strong social media strategy is required to make your business cut through the clutter and stand out from the crowd. Here’s a list of proven social media hacks that works best to promote your business and expect results for real.

#1 Share engaging and interesting content

Content marketing rules the social media kingdom. The more interesting the content is, the more engaging it is for the customers. It’s not just about posting endless updates about your brand’s newly launched product or other news, but the ultimate aim is to engage your customers and give them with what they actually want. An informative and well-presented content update with the right blend of words is all it takes to grab your customers’ attention.

#2 Always add Images to your content

 A picture speaks a thousand words. Content with an image would be the first one to achieve maximum impressions. Added benefit is when it communicates personally with customers. Such images like Memes does the job and triggers engagement at ease. A study reveals that a social media post with an image gets 84% more clicks when compared to those without an image. Those cool Infographics and Quotographics you do can certainly catch the eyes of your customers, provided they are informative and relevant to their cause.

#3 Never forget the #hashtag

If you want something go global, that’s where the concept of #hashtag comes into the picture. Hashtags can trigger engagement for your contents and expand its visibility on the digital space. Getting yourself along with the trending hashtags, develops a personal bridge between you and your customers. After all, it is your thought that reflects and people love to see what you portray. Added benefit is when you create a hashtag that can spread like wildfire just like the case of #TheDress which even turned the heads of many celebs and bureaucrats. However, stuffing your post with a zillion hashtags is a big turn off. So keep it within 2 or a maximum of 3.

#4 Join discussions that voice your cause

Always find a way to interact with top professionals relevant to your industry.  LinkedIn Groups is one of the million opportunities in the internet for building business connections and credibility which can ultimately help grow your business. You can join a well-managed group and contribute value added insights thereby building strong influence. The result of this is something that no money can buy.

#5 Sell on social media

Social media is one of the most cost-effective ways to find qualified customers to market your product. Featured updates about your products can lure customers’ interests which eventually leads them straight to the goal. There are several in-stream social media store fronts that help customers get complete idea about your product. Shoppost, ShopConnection, and Curalate's Like2Buy button are some tools that make sales interesting on social media. These tools link your desired products-for-sale to your social media profiles such as Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr thus making it easier for the customers to access.

#6 Conduct contest and giveaways

Though most brands have millions of followers on social media, they constantly fail to engage them. Conducting interesting contests is one of the best ways to spark engagement from your customers. Once in a while, you can take them by surprise with giveaways and they are sure to speak about it for a long time. This eventually creates huge buzz, regardless of the prize you offer.

#7 Go live & interact with your customers

Choose social media platforms that can help promote your business. Not all does. For instance, G+ and twitter are among the best platforms through which most businesses achieved fruitions through live interactions. Your customers would love you for these live interactions and can help build a long lasting relationship.

If you think your social media marketing is not up to the mark, it’s time to get off the curtains and start rocking the networking platforms with these simple tips. Remember, not all social media platforms works the same way for your business. So identify your customer base and apply quality strategy to engage with them to reap the best benefits of social networking.

Do you think we missed out your favorite social media hacks? If so, please do share for we would love to hear from you.

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