Are the celebrities using Twitter right?

celebrity twitter.jpegThe mass hoopla regarding Twitter and the celebrities opting for Twitter accounts has created waves in the media in recent times. This might have made the user base of Twitter inflated. However several people are skeptical about twitter and say that this social media is not emerging as a two way communication tool.

For instance take a look at the twitter account of the celebrities. A number of Hollywood actors and celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Jimmy Fallon and Ashton Kutcher have their Twitter accounts. All of them have got huge number of followers for sure. But it needs to be considered that they keep in touch with very few of the followers. There is thus a possibility that the stars are using Twitter as a PR initiative.

Whether the actors and celebrities owning Twitter accounts converse with their fans remains a puzzle. Kutcher has a fan base that extends over a million. It is not possible for him to reply to all the tweets sent by the fans. Oprah does interact with her fans. But the percentage is at best miniscule. Some of the people she keeps in touch with are well known celebrities like Larry King and Demi Moore. This can not be equaled to communicating with fans.

However this is not to say that celebrities do not communicate with their fans. Britney Spears and Arnold Schwarzenegger have thousands of followers. It is quite clear that Oprah is a huge crowd puller. Each of her actions becomes a headline for the media. So when she joined Twitter all her fans flocked to the service. Obviously they were interested to know her view. The company is thus enjoying the unprecedented success.

The participation of celebrities has definitely added to its market credential. But it seems that the service has become a one way listening medium. It is supposed to be a two way communication medium. However the general users are still doing that. The celebrities are yet to do so but it is expected that they might change their communication strategy in twitter in the near future.

Nonetheless listening has its positive sides. Twitter is often called a medium for microblogging and from that aspect it is doing pretty well. People read blogs simply because they are interested. The tweets also have the same value but their size is smaller. Blogs have provisions for two-way communication in the comment area and it is up to the author to respond to a comment.

Even from the business perspective the value of listening exists. The users of Twitter are given enough choice to select followers. More and more people are signing up with Twitter to know what the others are saying about them. This can be good for the company owners. They can assess the mass opinion about their product and services. This can help them in changing the existing strategies and developing new strategies. This is not only cost effective for them but will also help them in saving time for doing market survey. Hence they should utilize Twitter for their own benefits.

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