Branding Your Product “The Right Way” Overlooking Big Players as Examples

How far have you managed to optimize your online presence? Are you aware that Branding is equally important for Big as well as Low level players who are anyway benefited by online business? Thinking beyond website optimization becomes essential here. Social media is traversing in a special way that makes our world totally different within five years from now. We are for sure unable to predict what will be the new means of communication at that time, but we could very well lay the foundation to it stronger. Branding your business is one among those initial steps.

Here is an interesting collection of images that speak how big players in business like Pepsi, Coca Cola, Nike and Nokia have designed their presence across top social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest.

Coca Cola – Branding

Coca Cola – General Facebook page













Coca Cola – Australia Facebook page

coca cola - australia - facebook













How Coca Cola manages to get likes utilizing Facebook API’s…

coca cola branding













Coca Cola’s Google+ page

coca cola google plus page














Coca Cola Pinterest page

coca cola pinterest page














Coca Cola – General Twitter page

coca cola twitter page














Coca Cola – India Twitter page

coca cola india twitter page















Can you see how Coca Cola's India Twitter page is been duplicated?

If you fail to stamp your presence over almost every available social media sites, some one else will take the option.


Nike Branding

Nike –Facebook Page

nike facebook page














Nike –Google+ Page

nike google plus














Sounds interesting that Nike has not yet received a personalized Google+ URL.

The URL under display right now -


Nike –Pinterest Page

nike pinterest














Nike –Twitter Page

nike twitter page
















Nokia Branding

Nokia – General Facebook page

Nokia – General Facebook page













Nokia – US Facebook page

nokia us facebook page












Nokia – India Facebook page

Nokia – India Facebook page













One of Nokia’s Facebook API’s that collects likes

nokia branding facebook













Another attractive festive filled Facebook API by Nokia

festive filled Facebook API by Nokia















Nokia – Google+ page

Nokia – Google plus page













Similar to Nike this popular brand also lacks personalized Google+ URL.


Nokia – Pinterest page

Nokia – Pinterest page














Nokia – General Twitter page

Nokia – General Twitter page












Nokia – US Twitter page

Nokia – US Twitter page













Nokia – India Twitter page

Nokia – India Twitter page














Pepsi Branding

Pepsi – General Facebook page

Pepsi – General Facebook page














Pepsi – India Facebook page

Pepsi – India Facebook page














Pepsi Facebook API mediated promotional campaign page

Pepsi Facebook API mediated promotional campaign page
















Yet another Pepsi’s Facebook API page

Pepsi’s Facebook API page













Pepsi – Google+ page

Pepsi – Google plus page














Diet Pepsi – Pinterest page


diet pepsi - pinterest















An official Pinterest page for Pepsi’s generic business interest was unavailable but for one among its other plots - “Diet Pepsi”


Pepsi – General Twitter page

pepsi twitter page














Pepsi – India Twitter page

Pepsi – India Twitter page














Stay Up-To-Date

When you went through the picture tour of these whooping companies’ promotional pages, their branding strategies, the wonderful layouts that they have coined for their social media pages, what comes to your mind? Definitely any mediocre/above average business person would wish to attain the status these mammoth players have achieved one day or the other. Well any one or at least 50% of the literates will be aware of Pepsi, Coca Cola, Nike and Nokia. Despite this fact why do they vigorously advertise their brands in all possible means that they could? The reason is “they are up-to-date”. They aim for more, since each business firms will have a competitor of their own based on their status levels. Pepsi has its competitor as Coca Cola, while Nokia has Samsung posing a threat factor. It’s crucial that you identify your competitor and find ways to outsmart them. Branding is essential for this, and gaining your customers’ trust becomes equally weighty.


Be Unique

There is no point in saying your customers that we are better than our competitors. Share them how unique you are. Have your content in your website as unique as possible. It should never be made of big jargons, mainly for the reason that your audience is never going to be literary experts. Be Clear! Your website should be more like a one to one discussion with them when they reach your website. Your attitude in writing should inspire them to buy your product or sign a business deal with you. Practicing the best ever methods available in your competitive industry and not putting them into writing, at the right spot when a user is able to access will be of no use to either to the customer or you. Only when you are the best within that you will be able to reciprocate it in any ways you convey your message. Design your website so well and professionally, because the first impression on your business should be the best.

Targeted audience

Targeting the right group is important, but all the promotion measures should never restrict your brand’s reach to a limited group of audience. It’s always beneficial when you spread your word to more people rather to a handful. Ask the following questions to yourself before starting a promotional campaign:

1. Who are my targeted group of people and why do I target them?

2. Am I sure that my selected group of audience will at least pay attention to what I say?

3. Where is the location of my audience? Worldwide, or restricted to a specific area?

4. Will I be really beneficial if this campaign becomes a success?

5. Have I planned on the next steps to continue once this campaign is launched?

6. Are my customers’ big people or mediocre business groups?

7. How much is the competition in my industry and how far do I expect my business to reach?

8. Is anyone else from my competitive industry currently promoting their brand, the way I have planned to do?

Most of the answers to these questions can only be speculated, but answering these questions before starting your promotional campaign will be highly beneficial. In case of failure or pushed to a situation to face inability to attain desired results, the next step you take right from there will become an easy option, if you are prepared. Always be prepared to face failure, because the core of business success thrives in the willingness to accept negative results. The decisions to take further will become solid then. No big players made their business reach their business to great levels out of the blue. All of them should have come across failures, sometimes repeated failures, and what drove them is the willingness to improve and revamp their policies and strategies they followed.

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