Google’s Secret Publicized – Proper directory submission is a real asset to SEO

A recent former employee of Google, Andre Weyher who worked under Matt Cutts’ search quality team says,

                “…don’t dismiss directories completely. I have heard people talking about   directories being altogether bad and advice people to avoid them. This is not the case; good quality, moderated directories, or niche directories are still worth looking in to.”

Andre’s responsibilities at Google

Executing Google policy under the search quality team, especially content quality rating and quality of backlink profiles, applying appropriate penalties and creating reports that would be taken into account by the webspam engineers.

 Source of this valuable information

This valuable piece of information was shared by James Norquay, an SEO Specialist based in Australia in his blog “”. He has traced these details from an exclusive interview he had with Andre Weyher.

Directory Submission

Here is an old post by us on a similar topic “Directory Submission and its significance in SEO”. Based on the feedback and comments we received for this post, we happened to perform a statistical analysis which resulted in 90% of the people finding directory submission to be satisfactory and consider it as an important factor in SEO, while the rest 10% feel this to be bad and simultaneously fail to stamp a feasible reason for their hatred.

Directory SubmissionSubmissions done in top directories like YAHOO and DMOZ helps you build quality backlinks to your site. Directory submission service is one of the most impressive promotional tools to attract the attention of search engines to your site. It is the most reliable good quality link building technique ever. Increased visitors to your site by submitting your website to the appropriate category is accomplished through directory submission service. Niche directory submission is the key. Indexing your site in thousands of cheap and unwanted and unreliable online directories is a waste of time, and the automation part is a real nightmare. It’s good you go for only top directories which are trustworthy to generate better links and the submission ought to be done manually. Following these guidelines the site gets indexed and therefore will be the search results, and your rankings will therefore be in the safer side.

DMOZ Directory Submission - Significance

Matt Cutts answers:

                            Question:        “What role does being in DMOZ play in rankings? I see some website in my niche ranked No. 1 and the only reason is because they are in DMOZ as their content is at best poor. Getting into DMOZ is impossible nowadays, so why does Google still use it?”

                            Matt Cutts:    “The last thing to know about DMOZ is that it’s not the case that there’s some special boost or some kind of reward for being in DMOZ. A link from DMOZ is worth the same as a link from anywhere else. It’s just the Open Directory tends to have a little bit higher PageRank. So as a result, a link from DMOZ might carry a little more PageRank, but if you get a link from a very highly reputable source…that can easily carry just as much or more PageRank than getting a link in the Open Directory Project.”


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