FACEBOOK Search Engine will be Unveiled Sooner than You Think- It's Time to Shut down the Rumor Mill

Noah Rinkle
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Facebook Plans to Launch New Search Engine to Rival Google

News leaked from Facebook has confirmed that social networking giant is working busy to release its new search engine. Currently, Facebook has an inbuilt search engine on its social networking platform which makes it easy to find friends, brands, articles, videos and many more. It is easy to filter searches based upon pages, groups, places, music, posts by friends, etc. Social search engine is now overhauled by engineers to make it into a public search engine which would make it better for people to find anything they wish.

The ambitious product is now headed by former Google engineer Lars Rasmussen. A dozen engineers are dedicatedly working on the search engine before throwing it open to the public. Rasmussen was the cofounder of Google wave and he was one of the lead engineers of Google maps which are used by millions of people across the globe. He is an extraordinary person with out of box thinking and types faster than he spells.

The word ‘Facebook’ has become common among everyone, right from technology evangelist to layman pulling carts on street. During recent years the number of people using Facebook has mushroomed; and so are the different services offered by them. Every online source has a  Facebook like button, be it an online store, blog or any website.

In the war between social networking sites, Facebook displaced Orkut, a popular product from Google. Orkut was one of the best social networking platforms on its launch; however the scenario changed completely when 'Facebook' arrived in 2004. As of now Facebook has more than 800 million users; its omnipresent thumbs-up button has gained popularity among different businesses, celebrities, and almost among everyone.

A cold war is going on between search engine giant ‘Google’, and social networking bellweather ‘Facebook’. As an effect, Facebook results were not showing up in Google search engine results most of the time. For instance, when someone searches for Zuckerberg, his Google plus profile was listed to the top rather than his Facebook profile. There were so many comments from the public, how useful Google would be, if it included results from the entire social web.

However, Facebook has declined to comment on the matter. Let’s wait and watch to know who is going to rule the search engine world.

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