Facebook Launches Multilingual Interface For Indian Users To Race Ahead Of Rival Google’s Orkut

The competition in the social networking scene is expected to get heated up soon. In a recent development, Facebook has launched multilingual user interface for its users in India. Facebook has launched a revamped interface that is available in six different languages. This can be seen as a wise move to pull in the web users who want a social networking service with a vernacular flavor. It is expecting to give some competition to its main rival, Google’s Orkut.

However, there are some people who are a bit skeptical about the effectiveness of this move. It is true that a large part of India’s population uses Hindi as the main language. But as far as web usage is concerned, a lot of people believe English is the best option. Even the Hindi speaking persons prefer using English as the language for online communication and interaction.

Orkut continues to be the most preferred social networking service among Indians and it leads the pack of social networking sites by a large margin. However, its dominance can be challenged if the localization policy of Face book can be implemented properly. If that happens, then Orkut will be left with dominance over Brazil.

From the news acquired from the reliable sources, it has been revealed that Facebook has big plans for the translation. It may launch the interface in 50 more languages in the coming future. With time a huge number of young population of India are getting drawn to the charm of Social Networking. Facebook wants to cash in on the opportunity. Orkut has seen a phenomenal success in India and Facebook wants to follow on its heels.

Gmail introduced features that let the users compose email using Indian languages. As of now, the Gmail users can compose messages in Hindi along with languages like Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil, and Telugu. The users need to enable the feature in their account. When it is enabled the users will get to see an Indian character near the bold button. A person can click on the icon and thereafter select the preferred language from a drop down menu.

It is quite easy to use this feature. Facebook has features that let people join this free-access social networking service and make online friends. People can also add friends to their profile and update their profile as and when required. The users are allowed to join networks categorized by parameters like workplace, city, school etc.

Mark Zuckerberg is the founder member of Facebook. He was at Harvard University when this was conceived. His roommates Chris Hughes and Dustin Moskovitz also lent a helping hand to him. In the early days membership was limited to only Harvard students. However, later it was expanded to include the Ivy League, Stanford University and other colleges in Boston region. The expansion was not stopped. Now anyone above 13 years can join the service. As of now, over 200 million users avail its service.

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