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Untitled-1 copy.JPGGoogle is developing another Social Media stuff named ‘Friend Connect’. According to Google, Friend Connect means “more people engaging more deeply with your website and with each other.”  Once you sign in with your existing Google, Yahoo, AIM or OpenID account, you will be able to interact with other people of the same interest. Common Social Networking activities like making friends, sharing media, posting comments and playing online games are also available with Friend Connect.

How Friend Connect Works?

Once you sign in, Google creates a gallery of gadgets for you. You can pick any gadget of your choice like photo sharing, concert listings and games. All you have to do is to copy and paste the snippet codes in the area of your website where you like to have them live. Google claims to bring a viral social growth to your website through ‘Friend Connect’. Google says that you will avail the benefits like:
•    “Anyone can join your site with one click by using their existing Google, Yahoo and other accounts.
•    Visitors can evangelize for your site by inviting their friends and publishing their activities to their social networks.
•    Social gadgets will keep these visitors more deeply engaged with your site, and with each other.”

They have provided some example websites which have already implemented the gadgets from Friend Connect. Some of the websites are:

You will also be able to invite friends from other social networking websites to join your website or blog.

Signing Up:

Google allows signing up for a preview release. However, when we tried signing up, we landed in a page which stated that Google will notify us once the product is launched. Hence we provided the email address there and are waiting to see the potential of ‘Google Friend Connect’.

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