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Google-doublclickstudio.jpgIt seems that some companies are resorting to innovative measures for staying ahead of the competition in the time of recession. The troubled car maker Chrysler LLC opted for bankruptcy but before the market could feel the gloom Google has launched DoubleClick Studio. This is a software meant for producing and developing rich media ads.

This looks like a smart initiative on the part of Google. A Google spokesperson says the company wants to give the advertisers the means to create effective ads using the tool. This is likely to make things brighter for the Internet users according to that post. It says that the rich media capabilities will give the advertisers plenty of options to lure the average viewers to their services and products.

Google is eager to promote DoubleClick Studio as a positive development for the company, the average web users as well as the advertisers. As of now the application is offered to the users for free. It is expected that the creative teams that work with publishers and media agencies will benefit from using the tool immensely. However in another related development DoubleClick’s former CEO David Rosenblatt declared that he would quit Google. The reason has not been clarified by him or the company.  

DoubleClick Studio has a plethora of useful features including Flash components. Last year Google acquired DoubleClick for a deal worth $3.1 billion. The new software will help the ad makers to create various types of web advertisements. Creating eye catching and glitzy text ads with this application is a cakewalk. A person can create simple messages in a particular format and put them up on in just a few minutes.

Creating standard display ads, including text and graphics is not difficult either. The application supports a range of well known formats like flash and jpeg. The rich media advertisements have complex animation and jazzy special effects that grab the attention of a viewer in the web. These ads also have in built codes that change their appearance when a user rolls the mouse over them.

However making such a media rich ad also brings the issue of compatibility with the end user’s environment. A jazzy ad that does not render properly in the browser of a viewer cuts no ice. The browser technology also needs to be updated to deal with the requirements of rich media. Flash currently supports video compression but for HD video more advanced codes are required. As HD video is gaining popularity, this will be required in future.  

Google is trying for quite some time to offer the users an integrated online computing experience that enables them to do basic computing tasks online using its applications. Its Email application already offers the users with an interface that allows them to do many other online activities apart from emailing. The launch of this rich media application seems to be headed towards that direction.

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