Google's Energy Saving Calculator to save your electricity bills

With the Halloween just a few weeks away, Google is gearing up for one of it’s favorite holidays. Earlier this week, Google released a program to save your electricity bills this Halloween. They called the program “Energy Saving Calculator”. Google has illustrated the energy consumptions in a home as different haunting. For example, according to Google, Home electronics such as game consoles are Vampires that suck up electricity, taking a big bite out of your paycheck.

halloween.jpgAccording to David Bercovich, the Project Manager of Climate Change & Energy Initiatives in, “It's the perfect time of year to talk about efficiency since many of the energy-wasters in our homes are named after the ghouls of Halloween. Our living rooms may be infested with "vampire" electronics that suck power even when turned off. And open chimney flues let the "ghosts" of winter steal our heat (not to mention the "monster" furnace that lives in the basement). By taking small steps to ward off these ghouls of inefficiency, you can save cold, hard cash. By one estimate, if the 80% of Americans who leave their fireplace flue open all winter all simply closed the damper, we could save over $6 billion a year.” He quoted this huge energy savings as “That's a lot of candy corn!”

With the help of this energy calculator, you can check how much cash is currently being wasted in your electricity bills and Google helps you to find a solution. Though this small Google program may seem to be a fun for this Halloween, it also carries an important message- “Save the Earth from CO2 pollution”

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