A step by step guide to create a contact us tab in Facebook fan page using Google forms and docs.

Create Facebook Contact us tab Using Google Forms

Facebook has 1.11 billion active users as of March, 2013. This explains the massive business potential that lies in Facebook. As a business, just having a Facebook fan page will not suffice. Engaging people and collecting leads from Facebook is a must. For that creating a custom contact us tab will help businesses a lot. 

There are several apps in Facebook that lets you create contact us tabs but many of which has less customization options and many are not displayed correctly in tabs. So let’s now create a custom contact us tab using Google forms and docs. 

Before starting let me give you a live example. Here you go. https://www.facebook.com/diabetictea?v=app_190322544333196

Now that you know the end result, let’s start.

Creating your form

Step 1: Go to drive.google.com and login with your Google account. (If you don’t have a Google account, create one here. https://accounts.google.com/SignUp‎)

Step 2: Click ‘Create’ and in the drop down menu select ‘Form’. A new tab will open in which you give a name to your form and select a form template and click ‘Ok’.


creating form in Google drive                               creating google form



Step 3: Here you design your form. Keep in mind what are the details you need from the visitor and which of those are mandatory. You can create as many questions as you like here. These questions may be of various types ranging from short text answer, paragraph answer, multiple answer questions, checklist, drop down list and a lot more. Feel free to experiment.

creating google form


Step 4: Now when a person submits the form, we have to display a confirmation page that their form has been received. Customize the text here which corresponds to the action you take after receiving the form. This may be like “Thank you for contacting us. We’ll call you soon!” or “We’ll get in touch with you via mail” etc. And note that this form can be embedded anywhere.

creating google form


Step 5: Now we have to assign a location for this form. Click ‘Choose response destination’. Change the name of the response sheet if you wish to and this is where all the responses from users will be saved. 

google form creation




Now that we have completed creating our form, let’s now install this form in our Facebook fan page.

Embedding the form in Facebook tab

Step 1: Login to your Facebook profile. In the search box, type in static iframe html.                                             free custom quote

creating static iframe apps

Step 2: Go to the app page and click ‘Add static HTML to a page’


Step 3: Go to your page and you’ll find a new tab in the name ‘Welcome’. Just click on it and now let’s edit and embed our form.


Step 4: Once opened, you’ll find a button ‘Edit tab’. Click ‘See more apps’ and a page with lot of apps will open.

Using static html facebook app


Step 5: From the left side bar select ‘Form’ and then ‘Use form app’. 

Step 6: You can give an image, headline and caption to your form. All these are optional fields. And now let’s embed our form.

Step 7: To get the embed code, switch over to the Google form that you have already created. In the top Right and towards the bottom of the form, you’ll find a button ‘Send form’. Click that and you’ll get a window like the one below.

google form embed code


Step 8: Click on ‘embed’ and an embed code will be displayed. Change the height and width of the form if required and copy this embed code. 

Step 9: Switch over to the Facebook app and paste this code in the box. Preview your form and click ‘save and publish’ when you’re satisfied. 

Editing the tab

You might have noticed that the Facebook tab is not attractive. It has just a common star image with a name ‘Welcome’. Now we are going to change this.

changing facebook tab name and image


Step 1: Click the edit button on the tab and click ‘edit settings’

Step 2: Give your tab a meaningful name

Step 3: Change your tab image. This image should be 111*74 px in size.

Step 4: You can find the link to your tab by clicking edit and ‘link to this tab’

Sharing the response sheet

Under some circumstances, you may need to share this response sheet with someone else. You can share this spreadsheet to anyone by clicking the share button on the top RHS of your response spread sheet.

So we have created a form, embedded it on Facebook page, edited the tab image and name and have shared it with our collaborators. Hope this will send some leads and customers on your way. Create a custom tab using this technique and share your tab link as comments. We’d love to see your success.

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