It's true that one picture is worth a thousand words

Infographics/ Information Graphics deals with conversion of information into graphics, in a much appealing form that our brain receives, at a glance. The human eye is just another inborn camera of ours. Our ability to understand a picture is way too faster than when we read out a passage. Infographics ranks high in generating traffic and are viral communication tools that favor one to easily pass out the never ending competitive industry. Infographics can precisely explain a huge data that falls on over 10-15 pages, within a single page of illustration. Animated graphics is yet another trending showpiece for promotion.

Why do you need Infographics?

People are least interested in spending too much time on reading nowadays. They are exploring newer methods that make life easy and simple, and the same applies in case of information gathering too. A complex data, with all charts, graphs and numbers adds value only when presented in an appealing form which makes the viewers to stay without bouncing. Only research students have time to read all the pages of a thesis-mimicked report that you load into the web. Instead when the information is converted into a pictorial presentation named Infographics, it’s guaranteed to go viral setting your brand or business at heights. This is very much like stamping your brand name over your customers' memory, by engaging their thoughts into what you try to reciprocate with them. Banner ad placed with an Infographic touch in it adds magic to your conversion rate. Almost any information can be transformed by means of Infographics.  Yahoo! Advertising Solutions posted a really good study on implementation of Infographics in the most effective way, and of course it’s an Infographics presentation, which is here below: 















































One picture is worth a thousand words" - says Submitinme's Infographics geeks. Here is one of our Infographics samples -


Branding Infographic




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