Are You Aware Of Smarter Business Promotion By Means Of Infographics?

InfographicsWhat will you do to improve your businesses’ online presence? Press Release, Article writing, Blog writing, Branding, Banner Ads are some of the content related promotions. All are real assets to improve your reachability through the web. What I think is that a written content completely relies on the ability of the reader to process the intention and purpose of the information. Whereas a picture or an image reaches people of all standards, offering no confusion or misinterpretation that a complicated and huge content does. Okay now let me tell you an easy means to do this. Infographics will be the solution.

Infographics – Definition

Infographics is in simple terms – pictorial representation of your gathered data. It fixes the concept we wish to share with readers much faster than a written paragraph. Shortly the chance of your content getting engaged and shared is 90% more than you do with even a very compelling article.

Infographics combines images, text, charts and designs to present a complex data in a very simple form.

There is always a limit to enhance you brand’s content with images and videos. In case of Infographics the visual appeal is too good to retain reading retention on what you shared about your business with them. The % of understanding the concept thoroughly via Infographics is up to 73% as per a study by New York Times.


The following are the advantages of using Infographics:

Owing to the attractive nature of Infographics, the chance of getting your concept viral is more than 60%, than an ordinary textual content.

Your brand gets the maximum reach possible, as your Infographics will contain your brand name as well as logo displayed either at the top or at the footer.

Since Infographic creation is a process of getting an embed code that will in turn be displayed in the necessary location, this will help you generate an automatic link to your site.

When your Infographics gets shared by many people, Google/Bing will index your site at the first place and hence your Page Rank also gets increased. This in turn gets your website turn first or second in search results.

This means of promotion will help you reach global heights that ordinary content or expensive traditional methods of advertising fail to offer.

Displaying content and images in your Infographics along with some statistical data makes the viewer feel complete and more reliable with your presentation.

Why do you need this concept into your business?

Businesses which involve B2B and B2C communication styles should find Infographics an inevitable part of their day to day life. Their main aim will be to grab the attention of visitors to their websites. Making them to stay on your site for a long period of time that in turn drives in business conversions is a real risky factor. In such cases Infographics will be a boon. Your products and description details displayed over the web pages by means of Infographics catches the attention of people, making them crave to buy your product.

Ecommerce business industry is one among the top category who need Infographics service. Products along with their price tag and description displayed in form of pictures compel the customer to do a purchase from your online store.

The power of Infographics to drive in business lies in the way it reinforces your brand in the marketplace. There are various reasons for why you need this service in business.

Adding Infographics to your information attracts visitors and also keeps them engaged with your brand.

Infographics acts like a pocket dictionary that engulfs all necessary information presenting your complicated research results and statistics into a clear and strong message.

Your new product launch news flashed to the world by means of an Infographic gains more reach when compared to an ordinary content that lacks images getting readers bored.

A sharable Infographic will intensely increase social media sharing that lets your brand go viral.

This helps you gain more backlinks to your site, since your Infographic gets shared in all possible ways ever enhancing the SEO efforts you had input for your website.

Infographics is never delimited to big businesses

Infographics is never a high budget concept for being used only by big businesses. Small business owners can collect information from choosy, reputable as well as updated sources and approach a service expert to build an Infographical presentation for their concept. Once done with it, these infographics could be shared with users worldwide either by display in their website’s homepage or via social media promotion sites or through Ad campaigns.

Avoid flaws when doing Infographics

The most important tip while doing Infographics is never to flood the page with too much information. The images and also the concept will fail to reach the audience. Free space should be there in the plot wherever necessary without crowding the page with numbers or writing.

Never copy ideas from other Infographic presentations. Create your own signature style for your business to stand out from the crowd.

Always remember to facilitate your Infographics to be sharable. Or else you efforts will not attain the viral status.

Be very attentive while choosing the design plot for Infographics. It should look appealing and you could combine dark and light colors, than flooding the page only with dark/light shades.

An equal disadvantage doing Infographics is the ability for readers to point your mistakes in data. All information should be well researched, analyzed and put into picture.

Choose interesting topics for presentation or else all your efforts may go in vain. Try to avoid some fun elements into the picture.

Check your language when you post your data. Grammar mistakes and Spelling errors are intolerable when depicted in an image that represents your brand. It may ruin your business that in turn drives of clients.

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