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What is Twitter?

   Twitter is a pure social network building community. Here we can update the news about your Business, Products, Friends, Life Style Etc regularly. The updates can be able to view by your followers and whom you are following. We can able to spread news updates one to many in Twitter.

How Does it works?

    Twitter directories mainly concentrates on building friendship management (Social networking).It creates a channel to link with more people through we can share our experience online.

Advantages of Twitter

    It will definitely help us to increase the traffic. We can achieve  more than 25 visits through Twitter per day.We can perform this with our followers and whom we are following.

What is Twitter Directory?

    Twitter directories are the websites to distribute your twitter into many categories. While searching these categories your twitter will get display under that. Here you may get a option to do bulk follow. We can find more than 15 twitter directories.

     (Click here for the "New List of Top 15 Twitter Directories of 2013")

List Of Twitter Directories, 2009 

This the most famous twitter directory having more than 254,839 unique visitors to this community. This is a PR 6 twitter directory .Here we can see one button add yourself  to wefollow while clicking it will ask twitter username and password then will ask 3 tags for the user  your profile will be appear under the selected tags.

It’s one of the bulk follow twitter directory. Here we can follow multiple people in the same time in a particular category while searching. First we need to add our twitter in geofollow.

This is another one best twitter directory. Here  we can see categories are listed select the appropriate category and add your twitter under that category by clicking “Add your name to the Tweeters Directory”.


Twitr.jpg   This is also one of the best twitter directory. Here you need to get authorize twitter your account for listing your keyword in twitr by clicking “Add yourself” 


twtbiz.jpg   we can use our twitter user name in the search bar and give    search directly all our details will be listed below in twtbiz and  get a link .Or We can add a business to our directory by using twitter account by clicking button “Add a business “At the top of the page


Twellow.jpg     Register with your twitter account .It’s a twitter yellow pages .We can see a icon “Get listed” in the right top of the page click that to add your twitter profile to twellow.

7). http://www.twibs.com/

Twibs.jpg     First register here with your twitter Account.While registration give 4 suitable keywords. Give official mail id, blog if you have then click finish to complete registration . Your twitter account will get display under that 4 keywords in that directory.

8). http://www.tweetfind.com/

Tweetfind.jpg  It is live twitter directory . Here we can submit our twitter for free. When click “Submit your Twitter for Free” will get steps to submit your twitter.

9). http://www.tweetertags.com

Tweeter-tags.jpgTweeter Tags makes it easy to declare your interests and find new, like-minded friends.

10). http://www.whoshouldifollow.com

Whoshould-I-follow.jpg    Here we can find new friends .It’s giving Suggestions on interesting people to follow. Here we can able to follow more people .

11). http://tweetworks.com/

Tweetworks.jpgUse Twitter account to login tweetworks and here you can conversate with existing members .You can build your own group and you can join in the existing groups.

12). http://www.twollow.com/  

twollow.jpgWe can use this for follow people based on keywords .We can Track what people are saying about your website or products.

13). http://twittermass.com
      It is another one interesting directory.We can use our twitter account to login twittemass.TwitterMass gives you all the tools you need to share, grow and inspire your Twitter Network. If you're looking to reach existing or new customers we give you the tools to spark conversation and manage your reputation.

14). http://www.tweepular.com 
 It’s another one friendship management community. Here  you can do bulk follow or you can follow the existing members.

15). http://www.tweepler.com 
   This will show you detailed information like Avg Tweets, Total Tweets, Number of Followers,Number Following, and the Followers to Following Ratio.

16). http://mrtweet.net/ 

mrtweet.jpg    It will help you to discover great friends relevant to your objectives.

17). http://www.twittangle.com/ 

     Find the friend you want to rate, tag or add to a group.

18). http://twitterel.com/

twitterel.jpg     Login with your Twitter  account and start searching friends based on your key words ,give  some key words based on your own interests.


tweetree.jpg    Tweetree drives your Twitter account in a tree so you can see the posts people are replying to in context.

20). http://twittley.com  
      Twittley is first Twitter social website made for people to discover and share content through Twitter network


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