Matt Cutts: “Do not link domains together”

Matt Cutts "Linking Domains"

Matt Cutts again comes up with another interesting yet important New Video on “Linking domains” in Google Webmaster Help. He clearly says that it’s kind of spammy unless it is localized.

There are still so many doubts with webmasters regarding links, after the update of penalizing algorithms. It seems pretty risky in handling links as webmaster wishes but it’s helpful that Matt Cutts keeps answering different doubtful questions of webmasters frequently .

This time the question was from South Africa asking,

Should a customer with 20 domain names link it all together or not, and if he links it should he add nofollow to the links not to pass PageRank?

Matt Cutts puts this question so simple,

If I have 20 domains, should I link them all together?”

He answers with a question asking, “Well first off, why do you have 20 domain names?”. He continues, If a person has 20 domains together and it doesn’t mean that all those domains covers a similar topic. For example, “if it’s all ‘CheapOnlineCasinos’ or “MedicalMalpracticeInOhio,’  and in this case,having 20 domain names together looks pretty spammy, and  probably it is a wrong practice”.

What is the Right Practice of "Linking Domains"?

If the webmaster has 20 domains and they all are the different versions of the domain in different countries like, “,,”, then it can make a lot of sense to have some way to get to one version of the domain to a different version.

But then he adds, even in localized versions, it is good to follow the below practices,

  • Do not link all the domains in the footer.
  •  It would be good if you probably have one link to a country locator page, which might even be on, and for other domains, have flags or dropdowns.
  • Make sure that they’re normal static HTML links, so that Google will be able to follow, and the PageRank will flow.

Backlink Audit




Blog Network's Linking Practices

He even says that ,“ If you have a very large blog networks, and you’ve got that footer at the bottom that has a lot of unrelated domains, and at some point it gets pretty big. Even then, you’d probably only have like ten domains, and maybe a few posts on each domain that are linking to each other, then it is probably a cross-linking scheme between all of them”

He concludes saying that, Unless it’s a good reason, linking all the domians together will be a “Cross linking Scheme

Matt Cutts Video on "Linking domains together"

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