Leveraging Social Media followed by President Obama

utube-rel.jpgCountless numbers of online marketers and people in need of grabbing the attention of worldwide audience have already entered in to online videos. With the great success of President Obama with the help of Social Media, many religious communities have jumped into social media and have started their own channels in YouTube. Hence we were expecting the news from Vatican that Pope is trying to expand his audience circle with the help of a dedicated Youtube channel. This dedicated video channel will showcase all the video and audio appearances from Pope.

Youtube videos have greatly worked for getting more audience for the religious speeches of Vatican.jpgpastors, rabbis, imams, gurus and meditation specialists. There were controversies regarding expanding the audience circle for religious ceremonies using online videos. One such controversy associated with Vatican’s YouTube channel is that “The new technologies in communication will reduce real human contact”. Vatican’s video channel seems to break all such controversies as a whooping 1.4 billion users were able to see the holy ceremonies online. While real human contact is necessary, not all the people around this planet will be able to head all the way to Vatican to hear Pope’s religious message. Hence this dedicated video channel will be a boon to the Catholics worldwide. Google too seems to be a bit devoted to Vatican’s video channel. Google has made this dedicated YouTube channel as advertisement-free. Google doesn’t seem to be interested in getting any profit out of this religious video channel.   

Bottom Line
Though many religious communities are taking advantage of online video promotion to reach global audience, the specialty of Vatican’s entry into online videos is that, it is something like a revolution for a 2000 year old foundation to enter into the latest technology of communication (Vatican’s official website was launched about 14 years ago). We hope that Vatican will be getting its hands on podcasting very soon.  

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