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shopping-site.jpgWhen you decide to update your website next time, pause for a moment and think about your target audience. Take a look at the demographics of the users visiting your site and identify if they are male or female. This is because a recent research has clearly revealed that website preferences for the target audiences are significantly governed by the gender to which they belong. Read on as we give you some significant pointers over surfing traits determined on the basis of gender …

While both the genders prefer ease of use as the most important factor, men want download speed over ease of navigation in a site. On the contrary the women think accessibility and easy navigation to be more important than download speed. Both the sexes are not much interested in customization of a site.

As a matter of fact women tend to opt for a comprehensive site when they want to buy anything online. They want to compare and contrast all the available options in the web. They also take more time before they make a buying choice. It may be due to the fact that they think of the long term aspects about a thing they buy. The aspects like value for money and durability are in their mind when they shop for something.

However men are rather impatient as far as buying a thing is concerned. They do not think so much about the long term need but stress on the temporary need. Men want to complete the buying as fast as possible and get their stuff done. But women check out various other aspects. That explains why men like coupons. The coupons enable them to get hold of a product at discounted rate without wasting much time.

It is for the opposite reason women prefer the sales. They can check the various shops and compare the products until they finalize on one. However it has been found from the surveys that both men and women like the hue blue. As people get older they tend to prefer blue over green. Green is a color that is liked the most by the younger generation.

These facts should be remembered by a person who wants to design and host a website. If the target crowd comprises of young men a site should be simple and fast. However if the site is targeted towards women buyers then it must have a soothing background color and nice navigation. Women would not like a site that does not offer them the provision to explore each corner.

However certain other aspects need to be kept in mind. The transaction process needs to be secure and smooth. Otherwise the male visitors would become irate and switch to the other sites. It has been found that women make more than 80 percent of the buying decisions. They often think poorly about the purchasing decision of men. So it seems much wiser to create a niche site for women.

Women also think that men lack the capability to think while shopping. Therefore the bottom-line for a web site owner is that unless he sells niche products meant for exclusive people, the site visitors would mostly be women. If the site has less of eye candy and is faster men will hit it too.

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