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SEO beatifies itself with shades of social media, online marketing, relation building, website development & designing, writing expertize, mobile optimization and even more, which now affords the possibility of defining SEO as a flexible and moldable vase which could engulf any procedure that highlights a website/business’s online presence. No matter if it falls within the boundaries of SEO or not. All good can be done to a site to improve its online presence, and it could be called SEO. SEO experts are not concerned if they have to share the responsibilities of a web designer or marketing professional. These are all we call – “SEO evolves in 2013”.

However, though I summarized an elaborate process within few lines, the real answer to the question – “How will SEO be in the future” – honestly is vague. Predicting though provides an overview; the real tomorrow is still clouded. An early age was there once, when webmasters sat relaxed once they designed and developed a website for personal purpose/ business needs, transferred their product to an SEO expert, and both of them waited to see the site growing or sometimes get crowded with visitors.

The real discussion and debate on SEO developed only when things turned the other way round, when Google started updating their algorithms taking into account their user complaints and concerns. When we represent Google’s algorithm updates as Panda, Penguin and EMD, it never represents a single phase of change done to the Google algorithm. Danny Sullivan also termed the frequent updates as “The Google Dance”.  


That is also one of the reasons why Google most of the time never announce an update done to their algorithm. Honestly they even don’t know what to name the update they have worked on. Then how will they publicize it to us? Do you think that Google released the EMD update just once in September 2012? No the update was done to its algorithm only once and the after effects continue till date. What does the Google’s Knowledge team (formerly called Quality Team) work on, each day at office? Their job is to streamline, regulate and prevent their bots from picking up bad links and exhibiting them before a user when he posts a query into “Google Search”?

Actually Google has done a very good thing to SEO. SEO was earlier called trick and ‘black magic’, which is no longer the same now. SEO is a discipline and science. It involves deep research accomplished only after scheduling, choosing, sorting, analyzing, testing, implementing and maintaining the results obtained. SEO seeks the company of social media signals since the recent past, the fashion that came into trend when Matt Cutts shared a video on the importance of social in his GoogleWebmasterHelp videos. The latest yet vibrant social website is Pinterest and Pinterest promotion is one unavoidable topic for social media promotion service providers. Guess if you are not profiting whenever an image pin of yours gets repined at an alien site, you are unaware of. 


Coming to the topic – “SEO has evolved this way NOW”. Which way? In all possible ways, NOW. What I say is any process or initiatives you do, successfully raises your website’s rank at least by one position, and rejoice that you have coined an SEO technique. But the real challenge in formulating the technique is doing it in the ethical way. OR you get noted, bracketed, hijacked safely to a remote location, and blind folded.

Expect more updates from us on the updated techniques we tested and proved at our SIM Labs!

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